This article provides information on the latest Aut New Universe Trello features and upcoming events.

Have you considered the popular game Roblox A Universal Time? Did you notice that the designers gave you another guide to the game? Do you know what the various updates are in the game? When will the new specials be delivered? What is the idea of ​​the game?

AUT is a very popular sport in the United States. Nowadays, however, due to changes in the game, customers are confused about getting coin boxes and almost anything else related to the game. This Aut New Universe Trello article focuses on each of the new features.

What is an AUT?

Universal Time is a Roblox stage game. It first shipped in 2018. It is based on what creator Hirohiko Araki did with JoJo Bizarre Adventure, which is a popular manga series. AUT is developed by game development Universe Time Studio. When Dev makes a play. The master class is from SIXER. AUT is a career game where players fight each other, earn different coin boxes, farm different items. The new updates to the AUT were made on August 30, 2021 after testing.

Trello Aut Updates:

The entire game has been rebuilt and changed. One is taken to a gate that looks like a dark opening. In contrast to the dark open space, the gate is stunning in shadow, surrounded by a shadowy yellow opening in the middle. Players enter another universe. Not only that; more updates will be delivered in installments. So we need to check for updates on gaming:

The details of Gojo Satoru’s Jujutsu Kaisen will be similar to Goku, with better fighting moves.
Weather forecasting
The Ben 10 series omnitrix will resemble Goku
PS recovery
Amon from TLOK is introduced later in the game
TW Rework Learn more about Au New Universe Trello treats below.
The levels of the games
Recovery of SP TW
Shinigami transformation
Repeat in JSP
Harvester repair
Includes Nine Naruto
DTW recovery

Special updates:

Killua Spec update fixed after DELTA.
Sans update fixed after DELTA. But then it wasn’t confirmed, and now the designers are doing it. In addition, Nocturnus and Sol were also studied.
Jonathan’s boss Joestar and Sharingan Spec were dropped, but not confirmed.
Rajini will recharge after Goku Spec.
Goku updates the plan, giving more abilities, power levels and effects.
The Silver Chariot will come after NO.
The updates on Hermit Purple Rework, Luffy Spec, Megumin Spec and Tanjiro Spec in Aut New Universe Trello are vague.
VQ is renamed and renewed as Oblivion Killer Queen. That would be foolish. However, Killer Queen and variations have been redesigned and are available.
World Requiem Rework is a revolution in the future.


Comments from many players via social media indicate that due to the change in guidelines, it is difficult to keep track of various aspects of the game. Players are also confused as some expectations are new and the game date could be rescheduled. But in another universe, new travel, new characters and abilities, in Aut New Universe Trello seems to have the player’s imagination for new areas to explore.


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