Discord is one of the best places to share photos, memes, and GIFs, but when a blue moon appears, the “Failed to load” error appears. This can be frustrating because the image is not being sent and the file size is not the issue. You cannot do this if you restart the app, update it, or log out and then start again. Let’s see if you can check everything to fix this error.

How to fix download conflict error

First, you need to check if the Discord service is running or not. If the servers are down, wait until the problem is fixed from the end. You can follow Discord for any updates. If the servers are down, here are some options if you see a fatal error.

Restart your computer

An error may have occurred preventing this image from being posted to Discord. So, to begin with, restart your computer and see if the error is gone. If you are using a mobile app, close the app completely and restart it.

Actually look at your web association

Go to fast.com and check whether you have web issues. Have a go at restarting and really looking at your switch at regular intervals. You can likewise attempt different sites and check whether they fill in true to form. Contact your web access supplier for additional help. On the off chance that you’re utilizing a VPN, have a go at uploading a picture to check whether it works.

Check mobile / PC version

If you can’t upload photos on Discord Mobile, try doing it on PC, etc. Second, try to do it through the website if you are using the official app. There may be a problem with a particular platform and this will help you identify it.

Contact Support

If all else fails, Discord support will come in handy. Submit a request at support.discord.com and they will contact you with solutions.

Some errors may occur after an update, so Discord will fix or restore them. If this article helped you and you want to learn how to change fonts in Discord, we have just the guide you need.


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