This blog post is full of honest reviews from Simpleleaves, an online store that offers decorations and gifts.

Today we will learn the truth of an online vendor that offers a variety of products such as gifts, home decor, baby toys and more. In addition, many websites are created to offer a variety of products, but few sites are 100% reliable. So we will analyze the online store in this blog. You can get interested in these reviews at

American customers want to know what they are doing. the reality of online shopping.

What is

This is an international site that sells a wide range of products, including children’s toys, jewelry, gifts and more. He has placed every sale on his website to attract buyers. In addition, the website products include a variety of features that can save a lot of money for customers.

In addition, the home decor department includes wall art, chainsaw, windmill sculptures and more.

However, I did find some red flags about the site, which has many doubts about whether is legal or fraudulent.

What are the terms and conditions of

The URL of the site is
Things to decorate your home Gifts, toys and ornaments
Domain Creation Date-08/11/2
The company address is not listed.
No contact number
Yarn transportation costs are not shown.
30-day return and exchange policy
Return Policy – None
Payment options – MasterCard, VISA and PayPal
Links to social media sites – not included
Delivery time is 1-2 weeks
Take a look at Simpleleaves customer reviews to find out the site’s true intentions.

What are the advantages of trading through Simpleleaves com?

Consumers can save a lot of money on this site.
Customers have left positive comments about their products.
This page is located outside the United States.

What do you think about the benefits of purchasing from

No information on office address or contact number.
No reviews from trusted external sources.
This website does not exist on social networks.
The web interface is not well configured.
Limited number and rating points.

Is Simpleleaves the law?

Through our research and research, we have come to know some information about this website that will help you to evaluate the authenticity of this website. If you want to avoid fraud, keep these principles in mind when deciding.

Here are some tips.

Domain Name Expiration Date: Domain is very short because the domain name is valid until 11/08/2022.
Confidence Index Score: The reliability of the website in the test ranges from 100 to 1 point.
Trustpilot customer feedback is not influenced by Simpleleaves reviews. However, I got positive results on the official page.
Trust Trust – We are very sorry for the trust score of this site because it is 0.9 / 100.
Social network icons – There are no social networks on the site.
Alexa Rank: 8456178 for this page.
Content Quality – The information on the site is not 100% accurate. So the quality of the content is not good.
Original address – No company address is specified on the site. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the address is correct.
Domain Created: This page was created on 08.11.2
Akeasama Offers: Some fake offers are available online, where customers can get a great discount with every purchase.

Questions from Simple Users com

You can find customer reviews in this section. You can also find great and five-star reviews posted on this page. In addition, the site contains glossy ads with information about the latest shopping cart. However, there is no evidence that the proposals were published online.

As a result, consumers must respond to any proposed action.


According to our research in Simpleleave Review, the website offers inexpensive furniture and gift products. However, there is no evidence to confirm the legitimacy of the site. Therefore, we recommend that potential buyers conduct thorough research before making a final decision.

How is this site?


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