This review of Kianushi, a site that offers high quality shoes, is a fair review.

Nowadays, fashion produces many different shoes because people are fascinated by new designs and models. Many artists from the UK, Canada and the United States followed suit and shared their collections on several social media platforms, influencing others. Thus came the Kianush store.

Let’s take a look at these Kianush reviews and learn more about the store and its credibility.

What is Kianush?

According to the “About Us” page of Kianush Store, this is an online clothing store that offers cheap products. The main purpose of the site is to facilitate the choice of users. However, it plays in their products to help consumers who do not know what to buy. In addition, consumers can use a variety of filters to find the best product in the shortest possible time.

Additionally, the site offers international shipping. The website says that each product must undergo various tests to ensure that it is in good condition before it is delivered to the consumer.

On the website, customers can only find Air Jordan, NIKE, ADIDAS and other popular shoes. In this store we see some changes when you click on the “JERSEYS” page, it will take you to another website. So is the law Kianush or not?

Kianush information or basic information

Website URL –
Domain Age-14/09/2021
Shoes of high performance products
The email address is
The phone number is not specified.
Address: Pottstown, PA 19464, USA, 128 LIN Rd
Working hours: 1-2 days
Yarn shipping costs are not included.
Delivery time is 5-9 working days
No return policy is specified.
Return policy – no
Payment methods: VISA, Mastercard and American Express
The papers didn’t say that
Media – available
Read Kianush’s customer reviews before purchasing anything on this site.

The big benefits of buying from Kianush

The website is secure HTTPS.
This is the only high end shoe store.
There are good reviews on the site.
The site is offering a 50% discount on selections for a limited time.

Disadvantages of buying Kianush

The website does not contain all contact information.
Once you click on the JERSEY category it will take you to another page.
Social media sites are being copied.
Email address varies by author.

Is it a marriage law?

In this section, we have included some information that helps us understand the trustworthiness of our website.

Read this information carefully.

Date of creation – Date of registration of the website created 09/14/2021.
Registration Deadline – The registration deadline was created on 09/14/2022.
Social Media Links: Site has NIKE links. Thus, the website has fake social media links.
Customer Reviews – On the legal site, you can find great customer reviews on Kianush.
Alexa Rank – The Alexa rank of this website is 337,924.
Trust – Site Trust 1%.
Reliability: Reliability of the site 14.7 / 100.
Originality of the result – The company address has been copied and may not be correct.
Good content – Site content is provided.
Invalid offers – The site offers 50% discount on new products.

What Customers Are Saying – Kianush Customer Reviews?

The official website has customer reviews and ratings. However, we cannot be sure about these tests because they are all good. However, there are people who wonder online whether a website is real or not. In addition, we find feedback from external sources that buyers say the price of the product is too high.

After reviewing all the information and review of the website users, it is unbelievable and unclear. Check out this article if you want to get your stolen money back through PayPal.


The final part of the Kianush review here is that if you want to add more shoes and sneakers to your collection and shop at the Kianush Store, it’s best to defer this idea because the site looks questionable.

We recommend that you check everything yourself and read all customer reviews before choosing your order. If you are looking for help with credit or debit card payments, you may want to check out this article.

Have you ever bought shoes from this online store? If so, share your experience with these certifications.


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