Read this report to learn more about Pokemon Go Obstruct, the upcoming August Game Day activity announced by the developers.

Are you a fan of popular mobile games? Want to gather detailed information about the new features of these games? Do you know a specific date for a popular franchise? So read this story to find out.

Today’s report is about adding characters to the popular game. Players from all over the world, including the United States, are waiting for the release date. Read Pokemon Go Obstruct to the end.

When is Obstruct coming to Pokemon Go?

Blocking is one of Pokemon’s actions. The Pokemon Go mobile game app is about to have a challenging path. Pokemon Go creator Niantic recently announced a promotion. This month in 2022, August 13, is rural sports day.

According to Niantic, the highlight of the event was Galar Zigzag. In addition, players can receive bonuses such as stardust and magic. The event starts at 11:00 local time. The highlight of the day was the Obstruction Pokemon Move.

Regarding this issue

Clash is a dark move used in the Pokemon world. The developers have announced the sixth generation. When Galarian Linoone reaches level 35, Galarian will be in the new Zigzagoon model. Therefore, the behavior can become destructive over time. Accidents are part of Obstagon.

As the name suggests, this function stops or prevents attacks. Additionally, if an enemy comes into contact with the user and the Obstagoon, the former’s defense is reduced by two levels. If the participant cannot be contacted, this number is also reduced.

How to use Pokemon Go Obstruct.

The main event will be available to Pokemon Go players in 2022 on August 13th, the day of the August Festival. The ceremony, which includes the terrorist attack against Galino Linuone, starts at 11:00 p.m. The attacks will continue until 19:00, but the first phase will end at 14:00.

Players have many opportunities to perform this action. Players can join Galarian Linoon in the jungle today. So if the player turns this Pokemon into an Obstagoon before 7:00 PM, they will receive this payment.

Where can you use the Obstruct Pokemon Move?

Disruptions are used in various parts of Pokemon, including the Pokemon Go game, including the Pokemon Masters Ex game, the Pokemon Adventures manga series, and several versions from other genres.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Go fans in the US are looking forward to Citizens Day in August. Athletes can wear fragrances for up to three hours a day in addition to perfume. But for the game itself, here’s a list of Pokemon Go moves you’ll want to know.

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