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Are you sticking to the word of the day? Be the New York Times USA, New Zealand, Australia, UK and so on. It is becoming increasingly popular in countries as another Wordle-inspired game, Worldle, asks you to guess the country or capital for that day, not the word; Like Wordle, you get 6 characters in this game.

Read Lesotho Wordle’s article on Wordle solutions and explanations to continue your successes!

Is Lesotho the right word?

Many users are confused between Worldle and Wordle and get both answers wrong. But let me tell you that Wordle is a 5 letter guessing game and Worldle is a guessing game with no country or country restrictions.

Many users have chosen Lesotho as their current Worldle solution. Please explain that the word Lesotho is a response to Worldle as Lesotho has no definition, it is a well known country in South Africa.

The correct answer for Worldle 163 is therefore LESOTHO.

Worldle is a great and challenging game that can help you remember country names. If you’ve never tried Worldle, you should, because it’s similar to Wordle.

If you are still confused about the Worldle puzzle, read the rest of the article for a clear guide.

163- Ibtisma
Can you guess the answer? As we learned, Lesotho Wordle is the correct answer. Use the quick tips in the following sections to find the right solution to today’s problem:

Today’s word is made up of three syllables.
This word is made up of seven letters.
The word starts with the letter L and ends with the letter O.
South African country.
3313 km on the left bank of Algiers.
Then we hope you find a suitable solution in Lesotho. The peculiarity of Wordle of Worldle is that if one of the players answers incorrectly in the list of cards, the other person answers correctly in the correct order.

Lesotho word?

If you want to play, you must know the rules of Worldle.

About five places are already available. You have to guess the correct and exact name of the country, state or capital in six attempts. If the color of the paper changes to green; If it turns red, the word is correct. Click “Guess” to guess your answer. Worldle also shows the distance between the actual location and the predicted location.


To conclude this series after Lesotho Wordle, we have provided our readers with the correct answers for the country considering the Worldle game. Click on this link to access the official Wordle website.


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