Social media has reported that Pharrell Prayoga (singer Ojo Dibandingke) is dead and buried. The news of Banuwangi’s death has been circulating on Facebook since October 27, 2022.

Not Pharrell? Is Pharrell dead? Pharrell Prayoga (lead singer of Ojo Dibandingke) has died and been cremated according to reports on social media platforms. People across the Philippines and other countries have heard the news about Pharrell Prayoga, the next generation of Banuwangi musicians.

Who is Pharrell Prayoga?

Singer Pharrell and co-creator Child performed at various events. When his Tik Tok video went viral, Pharrell was in the limelight. His song Panax quinquefolius for Indonesian movies and Indonesian songs. Pharrell Panax quinquefolius. With several national events and the president present, the news of Pharrell’s death was announced online via Twitter, along with many tweets about Pharrell’s death and his health. People continue to express their pain through tweets and other messages.

Farrell Prayoga was the cause of death

Born 12 years before Pharrell’s death on August 8, 2010, Pharrell is known for his unique and soulful voice when performing in front of large audiences. Farrell is currently in sixth grade at Bayuang. College Pharrell is the third of four children and an older brother. There is not much information online about his death or his family. although he died, but little is known about the details of his death. His memory and reflection Many articles have been written about his death.

Pharrell Prayoga: Wikipedia and Biography

Pharrell comes from a material background. He started performing as a street musician at the age of 5. After that he had the opportunity to perform at various events. He has worked with many Indonesian artists, including Phila Talia and Mufi Ki, Vita Alvia and Vita Alvia Fera, who performed at the 77th Ocean State Day. From Panax quinquefolius. Before the power and President Joko Widodo, he is also known for acting, videos and TV shows.


Pharrell Prayoga, Nurse Coordinator is an Indonesian singer from Banyuwangi Regency, Pharrell Prayoga. Recent reports have drawn attention to his death. Farrell’s death received no media coverage. Read more about Pharrell here.

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