Police are still searching for suspects in the murders of four American university students. What details have been released to the public? Here are the latest theories and clues.

Imagine losing the disciple you met last night. You know your friend has been killed by an unknown person. The news is unbearable. The students of the American State University have not yet been found, so the shocking news of the killing of four American State University students has shocked the voters of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Island, Canada, Australia and so on.,Made in Great Britain. We go deep into the background in our US State Crimes Reddit.

Who are these victims?

Ethan Chapin (20), Madison Mogen (21) and Zana Kernodle (21) are the names of four students. Kayleigh Goncalves (21) is 21 years old. All students are fraternities, sororities and sororities. Rnodle or Goncalves were their roommates.

On the other side of the question, the other two women lived together in a house outside the compound. But the criminals targeted only these four friends. Police are currently investigating the mystery.

Details about the murder

Moscow police announced that four bodies were found near the school’s playground. All four victims are students at a public university in the US. Sharif sent the body to AN for post-mortem. The report said the scientist was repeatedly injured. All the wounds were inflicted with a military knife.

Police have yet to identify the suspect in the mystery. Police are not yet ready to take any leads that lead to the killer. James Fry said police are in the process of buying a combat knife. This mystery remains unsolved.


Moscow students find the easiest way to kill education

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