The police chief overseeing the stabbing of four University of Idaho students at a nearby apartment complex says many of the most pressing questions about the crime remain unanswered, including how and where the roommates argued. The night of the murder. He could be a murderer.

Did you hear about the four Idaho students who were murdered? Following the shocking news of the death of four students on campus, the university has launched an investigation. The survey is ongoing and will receive updates from students and teachers.

People were shocked to hear of the gruesome murder of the students. This article attempts to provide additional information on the murder in Idaho.

Police have released new information

On Wednesday, Moscow police chief James Fry said authorities had not yet found a suspect or recovered the knife used to stab the student. to the

Mabbut told NewsNation that the killer used a “really big knife.”

On Friday, authorities released a timeline and a map showing the location of last Saturday’s victims. The map shows that the students spent most of the night before going home.

Two survivors of the attack live together.

According to the police, the four victims were killed while their two girlfriends were at home. But they did not attack.

Investigators concluded that the victims were asleep when they were killed. The property has six rooms, two on each floor. Police said they found victims on the third and second floors.

One of the stabbing victims was asleep when his roommate called his friend, police said.

Police say they do not believe anyone was in the area at the time of the 911 call.


The perpetrator has not been identified and no information is available. Many connections are required to solve this problem. Let’s hope they get a killer push. Let us know what you think of this event. Discuss below.


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