This article is about the Factle Wordle online game. This is a game based on facts. All details are provided as instructions and toy.

Wordle, Nerdle and Bardle are popular games all over the world. Did you know Factle is a game? Virtual gaming brings joy to people all over the world. Wordle is not compatible with Factle game. The rules are the same, but the game is different.

This article is about the game, platform and rules of Factle Wordle.

Short facts

Garrett Scott designed Factle Gameplay. Factle Gameplay is, as the name suggests, a game of facts. Every day the game asks players a real question. The goal is to correctly place the correct box and guess the answer.

You can play the game on the official website of Factle App. The Instagram page also contains the old facts. You can get back into the game by playing once a day.

How do I play the real game?

Factle Gameplay offers a factual level that offers many possibilities. The top five positions are determined by the player’s ability to use the given words. You can use Wikipedia or another source to find the correct link. There are 23 options and 25 blocks. These blocks must regulate the players accordingly according to a certain reality.

For example, the fact of the day is that the name of the largest animal on earth (measured by beak weight) was actually on that day. Factle Wordle then presents blocks.

There are many options including killer whales, rhinos and giant squid. These words must be spelled correctly to be in the top five.

Rules for game facts

These instructions are the same as in Wordle. Players are asked to fill five columns and five rows with their guesses. After the first row is filled, the colors change.

If the tile turns green, the fortune is either in the right row or in the wrong one.
If the tile turns yellow when you enter the answer in Factle, it means that the debt in the right row was wrong.
After entering the first five words, the tiles change color to indicate that they are in the correct order. You have to put the names of the animals in the top five.
Five lines are presented, so you have five chances to guess the order correctly.


The Factle App is an online game that you can play on the official Factle Gameplay website. The game is simple and offers a different game from Wordle. This is what makes Factle Wordle even more exciting. The aim of the game is to identify the top five rows from a given fact.


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