The Apeirophobia Roblox Code article explains the game objectives and levels, and the latest rules for getting more rewards.
Do you like the word power that never violates what never ends? Do you know gravity game? We all love to face the challenges and limitations of love in life. This Apeirophobia game is followed worldwide, so this article will explain this game and how to get the Apeirophobia Roblox code.

endless game

Apeirophobia was recently launched on the Roblox gaming platform. Based on the popular title “Back Room”. Here, the player is trapped in an endless office building and must find a way out of the room. The game has several levels and players have to use codes to get faster and smarter levels.

Apeirophobia’s active symbol is 100,000 favorites. by setting rules; Players can get a unique name x1 early. So far, game developers have only released one working code. There are currently no codes with an expiration date.

Malicious Roblox Wiki

The game was released on April 30, 2022. The game is themed around infinity because “apeirophobia” means the fear of infinity. The patio maker got the patio and was inspired. Produced by Polaroid Studios. Here, the game depends on the player’s search skills. You have to solve puzzles and obstacles (systems) and find a way to escape from many office buildings.

Different departments have different activities, and different departments have different classes. An ecosystem is an ecosystem or ecosystem that originates from an external compartment. Examples of organizations are yards, starfish, tanners, etc.

Features of apeirophobia

Apeirophobia’s 11th level is the latest update to the game, titled “Warehouse”. Level 11 is the most difficult level based on the Backrooms Wikidot as there are more than 4 levels.

this degree

environmental hazard
change over time
There is no organization.
Group Cognitive Transformation
This level consists of many interconnected parts. Closed office building behind glass doors. To open the door, the player must solve a puzzle in the notebook on the necklace. The second section is large storage space with more shelves, cards, boards, etc.

How do I get the rules?

Apeirophobia Roblox symbols are easy to use. dim,

Players need to open the game on their device.
Find the “Symbols” button on the left. Click to open a new code window.
Enter the given code in the appropriate field and hit the Enter button.


The game developer has only released one code, so players should read Polaroid Studios’ game updates regularly for more updates. However, while receiving tokens, players must monitor their dynamic behavior.


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