Have you beaten the last level of Enigma? Do you think dressing room games are crazy for fun? Learn more about this related game, get the correct answer and discover it on July 21st.

Player Affid Wordle filled the tiles in 6 attempts, but the word didn’t make all the tiles green. Players from Canada, United States, Great Britain and Australia did not get the correct answer. Now let’s move on to the details of the correct July 21st amendment.

What does Affid think of cabinet games?

If you’ve been gardening at home, you should know the answer before July 21. The answer is “SNOW”. However, most players get confused because they don’t know the word or have never been a gardener.

But on July 21, Wordle says players may have confused Affid with Aphid? Find the meaning of both words.

Here is the definition of testimony

Shid can mean a green bug or an insect. It feeds on plant stems and belongs to the insect family.
Approval doesn’t mean a word. This is the approver or partial approver at the time of approval. However, many notaries use it as an abbreviation for advertising.

Tips to guess the correct answer from 397 words

This word consists of two syllables and three syllables.
The first letter is the consonant or A.
The last character is a constant. That is, d.
Another vowel is “I”.
An important idea is that the words are related to insects (insects).

Why is Affid Wordle so popular?

Many gamers from different regions are fond of word games. But as the puzzle unfolds, Josh guesses new exciting words every day. The results for new participants were somewhat confusing, with words predicting the correct answer.

Tips for playing Ward on July 21!

Fill in the first and last letters and give your advice in advance.
Think of an insect whose name starts with the letter “A”, ends with the letter “D” and has an “I” between the words.
Insects are called juices and they feed on and eat the stems of plants. Many players thought of Affid and began to reveal: This is the word Affid. But it’s not just a word, it has no meaning. Therefore, players are advised to look up different words in the dictionary and use them in normal conversations to introduce these new words.

Final Thoughts

According to our analysis, the correct answer to the word is more useful and less useful. Most Enigma solvers filled the Affid tiles and the word tiles did not turn green. So players start looking for the meaning and accuracy of Affid Wordle.

Click here to learn more about Wardle on July 21. What answer do you expect from 397 words? Comment below.


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