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What exactly happened?

In an area where Burk is even closer to Atlantic Avenue 9.36. There was a car accident in Wildwood on Saturday morning. The car crash noted an unexpected car-related event called the H20i. According to district attorneys, the target was 27-year-old Gerald J. White, who was driving Eternity in 2003. He then hit a 2014 Honda Civic. It wasn’t just a car job, Gerald J. White hit 2 pedestrians in the same time. square measure curious curious fascinated to find out what happened after the car accident in the wild forest? Keep doing it.

The consequences of this car accident

The two occupants of the 2013 Honda Civic, a 34-year-old man, Timothy Ogden of Clayton, New Jersey, died shortly after entering the Atlantic Center. and between the 2 pedestrians on the road, an eighteen-year-old companion, Lindsay Weakland, of Carlise, Pennsylvania, died as a result of the crash.

Demise of H2oi in the Wild Woods:

2 casualties passed on in a mishap because of thoughtless driving by Gerald J. White. With Timothy Ogden’s relatives close behind, he and his better half were en route to a fall trail run when the occurrence occurred. Nothing more is had some significant awareness of Timothy’s lady. we have a decent discussion about him and what he does and where he is. There is no data about this individual.

Wildwood golf cart accident:

You’ll be shocked to learn that this isn’t the only accident in Wildwood. the following Sunday afternoon there was a golf cart accident with injuries. But with the work of the prosecution, there is no information.


Gerald J. White’s father told police it was not the first time his son had been involved in a car accident. Gerald was arrested by police during an investigation into the Wildwood incident. Click here for more information on past accidents in the United States. in the field.

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