If you’ve received an email from Kohl’s about getting $75-$100 in Kohl’s Gift Card Rewards, check out this Kohl’s Gift Card Scam article.

Do you know of any scams involving Kohl’s Gift Cards? Do you know how to determine your Kohl’s and Victoria’s Secret gift card balance? What methods do fraudsters use to take advantage of Kohl’s and gain access to customers’ personal and payment information? How can scammers trick you into giving out your personal information?

In this article on Kohl’s Gift Card Scams, we take a look at the scams Kohl has perpetrated in America. United States.

The Kohl scam:

Kohl’s has several promotions for customers. Customers can take advantage of the various promotions offered by Kohl’s. Fraudsters used these practices through Kohl’s and created the phishing scam.

The scam was first spotted on the website in the middle of the year. The fraudsters have since collected the contact details of several customers and continue to send messages to innocent customers.

Many people received an email letting them know they could win a $100.00 Kohl’s Gift Card or extra balance by taking a short survey. The email contained a link to the survey in a button embedded in the message.

Check your Kohl’s Gift Card balance:

Gift card number and Kohl’s PIN are required to verify balance. Gift voucher number under barcode. Visit Kohl’s official website at https://www.kohls.com/giftcard/gift_card_check_balance.jsp to check balance.

What is the Kohl’s Gift Card Scam?

The address of the registration page is unknown. There have been at most four emails like this circulating on and off since the start of the year. When the user clicks on the button, he is redirected to a survey website. After completing the survey, participants must enter their personal and payment information.

Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance:

You can check your Victoria’s Secret Gift Card balance by visiting – https://www.victoriassecret.com/in/vs/gift-cards (or) calling 1(800)270-8999.

The customer acknowledges that his personal information and payment information are necessary for the payment of the rewards. So they fill in the information and the scammers get valuable data.


After completing the survey to earn a $100.00 reward, Kohl’s customers want to know the balance. But they received nothing from the $100.00 reward. Therefore, if you receive an email from Kohl’s Rewards after completing a short survey, do not respond to the email or click on any links in the email, and do not provide your personal information. or payment that scam websites do not provide.

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