Read about, which sells garden and craft tools, in the Tomev reviews below.

Are you interested in DIY projects? Do you spend your weekends creatively? Want to buy your device online in the US? Have you been to

Did you know that “About Us” content has been stolen from several websites such as, and The content of this privacy policy has also been copied from certain websites. So read this Tomev review for more information.

In other words, he said: is a website for teenagers that sells handmade garden items. However, the site’s functionality is standard and can be applied to any product or service. Due to poor credibility, Alexa ranking and bad company, can be scammed. Let’s talk below. strives to integrate e-commerce and import/export to distribute high-quality products worldwide. In addition, minimum processing time and customer service are emphasized to ensure satisfactory service.

Sales on

With 15 different field tools
25 types of hand tools
With 4 types of luggage bags.
Electric folding vehicles with two and six wheels
An example of Tomeev’s legitimacy:
Buy garden furniture and things at
Social Media Links: None reported for Tomeevis.
Price: From $8.00 to $90.05 without unrealistic discounts.
Bulk Buying Strategy: Not mentioned in Tomeevis.
Address: Supic Company Limited, 85 Tottenham Court Road, 85 Tottenham Court Road, Greater London-W1T4TQ; Correct address if the company confirms the retail order by mail.
Customer Comments and Blogs: Tomeev only supports comments.
Comment: Well explained in Tomeevil.
Security Policy: Available but stolen by Tomev.
Phone (or) whatsapp details: Not listed on Tomeevis.
Store Locator: Tomeev did not install Store Locator

Tomev’s Helpful Ideas and FAQ: Tomev doesn’t mention it.

Shipping Process: Tomeev will ship your order via DHL and EMS within 3-10 days.
Shipping Process: Tomeev will take 1.5 to 3 days to ship.
Cancellation Policy: Tomeev allows you to cancel your order before it is shipped.
Tracking: Tomeev email a tracking number that can be tracked on You can also check the status at

Return Policy: Tomeev accepts returns within 14 days on a first-come, first-served basis.
Fulfillment Fee: Not shown on Tom.
Return Policy: Tomeev will issue a full refund to the original payment method upon receipt of the return. However, there is no mention of backup plans.
Tomeev Outlook Email Address: This is not a business account.
Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, MasroCard, Amex, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, USD via Dinners Club, GBP, CAD, EUR, AUD.
News Note: Sponsor Tomef.


Tomev offers free shipping on orders over $50
Tomeev added detailed product options, product photos and videos
Tomev offers all kinds of international payment options

Unwanted effects:.

Bad UI in Tomev that lost options and filtering
Tomeev’s flawed logic and inventory management allow users to order an infinite amount of products
Tomeev objects to PayPal’s billing method

Is Tomef legit?

Created by Tomeev: June 26, 2022 … 17:53:27.
Tomjev Age: 20 days.
Last updated by Tomev: June 26, 2022 at 5:53:27 AM.
Tomef will expire on: Jun 26, 2023 … 5:53:27 AM.
Tomev Life Expectancy: Domains expire in 11 months and 10 days.
Confidence Index: Tomeev’s confidence index is a whopping 1%.
Trading Ratio: Tomeev’s trading ratio is abysmal at 1.7%.
Background: Tomeyev immigrated to China at great risk.
SSL Status: This IP has an SSL certificate valid for the next 66 days.
Close to predicted level: 25%.
Risk profile: 80%.
Fraud rate: 40%.
Malware rating: 80%.
Tomeev spam review score: 20%.
Disclaimer: Not as Tomev said.
Connection security: Tomeev uses a secure HTTPS connection.
Social: Tomev’s page was not available on the social network.
Owner’s identity and identity: The privacy service hides the owner’s identity and contact information for Tomeev. customer ratings:

A YouTube review and a six-page review on suggest it may be a scam. exceeds Alexa score of 0. Please check your credit card transactions as Tomeev will use credit card payments in the future.

User reviews and ratings could not be found on customer review sites, social media, or anywhere else on the web. Product reviews on are not rated.


Tomeev’s review concludes that is a scam. has a great trust index, job ranking and Alexa. has high scores for malware, phishing, threats and suspicious profiles that threaten user data security and devices. There was no proof of delivery from There were no user reviews or ratings online. So beware of PayPal Diddle to avoid payment scams.

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