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Do you want to decorate your home with beautiful lights? Looking for jewelry online? Then you will find enough articles to get all the information. This site offers a variety of exterior and interior products. This site is registered in the United States.

In this article on Acquuter reviews, we have looked at all the information about the website to determine the legitimacy of the website.

What is

This is online shopping. These include exciting new items such as crafts, tea lights and pet food. The quality of the content of this site is very good. Offers significant discounts on product items. The lighting technology is really impressive to look at. It also offers a discount on the products they get. However, as a corporate website, customers want to know if Accuter is a legitimate website or a fake website.

Features of

Website name: https: //
Site date: February 9, 2022.
Session Date: September 2, 2023.
Email account:
Official address: There is no information about the website address.
Ask for help: No phone number information.

Company Name: There is no website information on the website.

Delivery time: Order delivery is usually 1-3 weeks.
Free Shipping: This plan offers free shipping for orders over $ 59.
Fast delivery time: According to Acquter, fast delivery will take 1-2 weeks to arrive.
Icons on social media: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp icons can be found on the website.

Refund Details: We offer a 30-day refund policy.
Payment methods: Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, etc. Price:

List of general customer support emails.
The site has many social media icons.
We offer a variety of payment options.

The disadvantages of

He did not appoint a manufacturer.
It does not indicate the location of the company.

Is it a more accurate rule or a wrong page?

Although this site has many nice features because it is available online, customers need to look at the details before purchasing it. Integrity can be defined by the following statement:

Website Release: The website was launched on September 2, 2022

Email ID Management: The email address on this site is valid.
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp icons can be found on the website.
Trust index: The trust index for this site is very low, only 1%.
Downloaded content: The percentage of duplicate content in the data reaches 0%.
Current location: According to Acquter Reviews, there is no information about the site’s address.
Comment: A separate page has been created for the rules on the main page.
Discounted prices: All products are significantly discounted on this site.
Global Alexa Ranking: The Alexa ranking for this site is # 572832.
Refund Option: Full refund is usually 3-5 business days.
Non -Refundable Information: Goods damaged or damaged due to the condition of the customer are non -refundable.
Cancellation: Orders can be canceled within 48 hours of purchase.
Exchanges: No exchange information.

Customer price:

No product reviews or customer reviews are provided on this page. In addition, the Alexa number for this site is around 572832. On the one hand, this site has various social media icons. However, there was no reaction on social media. None of the trusted websites offer customer feedback. Customers need to know a simple and easy way to refund PayPal.


This site has no web marketing experience. This site does not have many customers for this product and the site is very reliable. The site contains a number of social media indicators, but after Acquuter’s review, the product was no longer reviewed.

This is a scam site and customers are advised to be careful.


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