In this article we will look at Sursell Legit O Scam shoes.

Starting a shoe review website? There are many online stores that sell shoes to MPs and Canadian citizens. The Surcell store becomes a popular site. Customers should be prepared to enter all information on multiple websites before placing an order

This article will help you determine if Surcel shoes are real or fake. I followed this article and read it before I received the shoes from Surcell.

Legislator and Surcell

  • Domain Launch: On March 2, 2021, the domain for the shoe store website was launched.
  • Site Age: Your site is 8 months and 16 days old, which means it’s relatively new and not too old.
  • This website no longer exists. Sercel’s website expires on 2 March 2022, which means there will be a waiting list for the cafe.
  • Reliability: The Seacell Trust rating is 8|eighteen} and the Alexa rating is 1,031,445 globally. These are worth checking out in the Sursell Sandals Review.
  • Brand location: Sercell’s online store does not provide an address. They have a Chinese
  • Facebook page according to Weiss, a domain registered in China. So the place is not 100% safe.
  • Data protection: An encrypted, none but not secure AN session is created.
  • Near suspicious accounts: 25/100
  • Threat profile: 28/100
  • Quality: 28/100
  • Malware rating: 26/100
  • Spam score: 7/100
  • Social Interaction: Searsel online shoe store has less social interaction than Facebook.

Legit or Scam Sursal Shoes Review Round

Surcell, the stylish footwear network guarantees quality footwear. Surcell has a wide range of products such as sandals, flip flops, shoes, flats. And Oxford shoes, the same company is more legendary than ever, offering the best and special savings to its customers. So enjoy the savings offers with every transaction.

  • The products are different
  • Sports shoes for girls
  • Shoes for girls
  • Boots for girls
  • Short shoes for girls
  • Men’s slippers and slippers
  • Shoes for men
  • Shoes for men
  • Stockings and heels

Now let’s see if Surcell shoes are cheap or fake. We wanted to look at multiple angles, including reviews, reviews and picks to find the right mesh shoe style. Let’s talk about the results first.


  • Shop at
  • Licensee: Jiujiang Sidao E-Commerce Corporation Limited is located on the 209th floor of the building.
  • Privacy Notice: It appears that we are not equipped to identify the real owner of this online shoe review, but we do know that the site is operated from China. This can be a deciding factor if you decide whether Surcel shoes are legit or fake.
  • Social media links: Surcell Facebook page.
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping on all orders.
  • Privacy statement and policy:
  • Shipping: Orders for local units will be shipped within 15-25 business days.
  • Product Tracking: We may receive tracking email notifications.
  • Effect of cancellation: Has a fifteen-day right of return. Can be canceled by email
  • Reviews: Receiving and using reviews
  • Payment Methods: Accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Yankee Category and Visa Processor.

Positive Highlights

  • The warranty policy comes within fifteen days.
  • Lots of shoes to choose from
  • The first episode has arrived.
  • All orders are eligible for international shipping.

Negative Highlight

  • There is no time to turn back

Customer View

Sursell Sandals reviews unit area. Sursell Sandals Review is not available on the official website. They also don’t talk about social media or anything on Facebook. Sursell has an average Alexa ranking, but several YouTube videos and articles are wrong. Mastercard scams operate in very bad territory.


Sursell appears to be an impostor due to his unusual, highly threatening, and unorthodox nature. Lack of content and engagement on social media. This site should not be created.

To avoid future scams, we recommend that you be aware of PayPal scams and how they work.

Are these Sursell boots a scam or legit? see Sursell’s website if you agree.


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