This article includes information from DavidDurbanek’s website. It tells readers the same Is Scam or Legit, for good reasons.

Not sure if there is a website that lists furniture? Fraud is on the rise, causing most of the United States and other countries to question the trustworthiness of e-commerce sites. is not a scam or legitimate.

Wondering about the website?

  • He is not a person who wants to fall into the trap of deception. To avoid getting hit by online scammers, it’s important to check all pages of your website. We collected information from
  • Domain age – a few months to twelve days
  • Confidence level – in genealogy
  • Steal rating: 33rd steal, 67% unanimous
    the global Alexa rank is 4407373 while the country rank is i.e. it’s a bit of a . The United
  • States cannot be registered.
  • Reviews – No disclosures.
    Social Media Presence – The official website does not mention any social media platforms.
  • Payment Options – The site supports PayPal.
  • Email us at
  • Phone: +1 (234) 222-8973

DavidDurbanek Website, a leather business, offers a wide range of furniture and home decor, including chairs and sofas.

It is important to know whether is a scam or legitimate before you accept any of these offers. Let’s take a look at the specifications.

Reported by

  • The domain was created on 27/07/2022 and closed on 27/07/2023.
  • The official website of Universal Resources Church is
  • Delivery order – takes approximately 4-8 working days
  • The customer has thirty days to return the product.
  • Address: 100 East Shirley Avenue Warrenton, VA 20186, USA
  • There are a variety of items on site, including outdoor sets, showers, umbrellas and other items.

Check out the goods at Davidurbanek com

  • You can customize the outdoor furniture on your website.


  • Customer information is not available on the official website.
  • Suggestions for other parts of the review
  • Part of the analysis indicates that the site is suspect due to low levels of confidence and other factors. There are factors other than consumer attitudes. Look at the PayPal scam.


Is the Davidurbanek website a scam? or seems reasonable. Not a good choice for a site monitor. Be careful and don’t ask for things like MasterCard.

Is the site legal? Let’s talk about it below.


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