This article provides all the information about the latest Pokemon Events BD and SP in Pokemon GO.

Online games are very popular nowadays. Today, the online gaming industry has reached its peak and has experienced unprecedented growth and popularity, especially access to the internet.

Many games have been considered popular lately for similar reasons. If you think of such a game, it is impossible to ignore Pokemon GO. Recently, players have made Pokémon BD and SP the most talked about event in the world.

Read this article to get all the details related to the special event in the game.

What is Pokemon GO?

Some games make you so excited that you never know their name. A game like Pokemon GO is one of the most talked about games of all time.

The game is part of the world-famous and popular Pokemon franchise. Nintendo and Niantic were involved in the development and release of the game. The Pokemon SP and BD features are new features in the game, which are currently available worldwide.

Pokemon GO game

The game is based on reality or AR and uses a GPS device.
The game is available on any mobile phone, iOS or Android.
Players can catch Pokémon during a game like the Pokemon series.
Using Pokémon AR, he introduced his players to places in the real world.
Players must hunt, capture, and train this Pokémon.
You don’t need to play this game and it’s completely free without any ads.
There are now more than 700 versions of Pokemon in the game.

What is the Pokemon BD and SP phenomenon?

The festivities will be held in two forms, Diamond and Pearl.
The first round of Diamond Diamond starts on November 16 and ends on November 18.
Most wild boar eggs are able to thrive in the first stage. Stunky may need more eggs.
Most non-Pokemon, such as Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig, can be seen in Lucas’ hat in the first half.
The second one will start on November 18 and continue on November 21.
In the next episode, Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig will wear Cape Dawn.
Pokémon will include BD and SP. The event will include Spheal, a game line up to Level 2.
Slowpoke Buizel and Bagon will also be part of the second division.
Houdour, Bidoof, Buneary Houdour, Bidoof, Buneary. the second episode could be the shiny Pokemon.
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The final decision

A new exciting event for Pokemon GO players will be announced. We are currently discussing BD and SP issues. Key points are given above.

Do you play Pokémon regularly? How excited are you about this new thing happening in the game? Write a comment below and share your thoughts on the upcoming Pokemon and BD special event.


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