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Looking for high -heeled shoes? Did you suffer from the quality of your shoes, and sometimes even the inconvenience? If so, don’t be discouraged! We have stories about reviews that will give you an online store for people who like their shoes from many locations in the United States.

If you have reached your current level, you may be a little overwhelmed and curious to know more about Cocoa.

Learn more about coconut shoes

An online store offering a variety of shoes for sale and sale. Established in 2011 as a wholesaler of footwear and footwear, payments are accepted in US dollars, Euros and other currencies. The main focus of Coco shoes is on European countries and their design work. To prove the loyalty of, here are some of the products on the site.

Air Jordan Cocosneakers series;
Dior cocosneakers;
The Dunk Cocosneakers;
“Su’e niu” Alexander McQueen;
Cocosnkears owns Balenciaga.
Customers can get custom shoes made directly from branded products. Well, before touching on the pros and cons of this website, let’s go over some details.

Cocoa details:

Period Period This period is only 2 months. 24 -hour service for Sept. 13,
Local URL: –
Stores: Online stores
Email me:
Call: +852 6432 9578.
Physical location on reviews: – Not available.
Online payment options: – credit card, debit card, PayPal, visa, MasterCard, Discover and more.
Returns There is no time limit or deadline for returns chosen, but at the customer’s discretion, if there is a problem with goods, the customer can request a refund.
Refund Process If the item is returned and returned, a refund will be given within one week of the item’s inspection.
Check-in Time is 10-15 days, but varies according to local conditions such as traffic instructions and lock.

Shipping rights to use DHL, EMS or EUB for international shipments with samples.

Information for

The website contains R3 user credentials.
The website is well maintained and functional.
The payment method is easy to use and has many options.


Alexa’s website has a high ranking, which means no traffic.
The site does not have a public IP address.
The name was recently accepted, which means Cocoshoes is new to the online market.
According to our headquarters, the level of reliance on the website is very low with a score of about 1.3 / 100.
No address. Also, there is no telephone number in the entire world.
There are no customer reviews.
There is no Internet or social media.

Is legal?

When it comes to getting online and securing payments, there are many pros and cons. Look at the ideas below and consider your options for further understanding.

Site Trust Score 1.3 / 100 This is the minimum for a pay-as-you-go website.
Alexa Rating: The site has over 31 million Alexa views.
Consumer reviews: Information has been provided, but to date no products have been reviewed.
Chat There is no chat on the website, and like our, there is no chat.
No description: Country of origin, etc. there is no limit to the details.
The site will only be available for 2 and 24 days.
The contact number is not available to international customers and is not used in your country of residence.
The website can be confusing and misleading due to lack of legal content.

Cocoshoes Buyer Review:

Our site searches found no positive results from users both inside and outside the site. This means there are no customers and no real website.


To complete the review of We do not realize that this site meets the needs of online advertising and consumer safety and security, the next step will be taken by you.

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