The mind of Pilotcool comes here to welcome you and give you all the information about this shady site. Learn more about this.

Online shopping will become more enjoyable as you learn about new sites offering discounts to new customers. Do you think this is illegal? Let’s take a look at another interesting website that caught our attention. offers fun and innovative clothing and accessories for men and women in the United States, Canada and other countries. Is this a paper rule? Are there loopholes and fraud?

We know you are asking these questions. You can also check Pilotcool’s ideas for answers.

What is can be described as an online clothing store that offers hats, coats, gloves, high heels, shoes and more. It’s nice to have something for both sexes. Shirt size can be up to 4XL, which helps to get the most appropriate size.

Product descriptions and sizing guidelines are provided. The product is currently being sold at 40-50 discount. According to the website, the company is an international shoe retailer offering express shipping services. So is Pilotcool the rule? See this article for answers.

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If you wish to make an online purchase on this site, please review our full customer policy at and make a final decision.

Pop International clothing boutique online
Age of dead domains Listed on January 9, 2021 by 8 months 24 hours.
Contact email:
No phone number was given
The address of the store was not mentioned. Although the site is operated in the UK, no store address or company address is provided.
Payment options The Pilotcool Cleaning Ideas page accepts PayPal payments, as well as credit cards such as Visa, JCB, MasterCard and Discover.
Refund policy and 21-day refund policy and refund policy; Money will only be given for items that are clean and non-perishable.
The results of the shipping and wire transfer systems can be seen around the world within a week of the payment system coming to the United States.
There are photos on social media Only social photos appear on the page for sharing (not a way to sign in to your social media account)

Results from

You can experience the benefits of buying Pilotcool ideas through the link below:

There are a variety of options.
Full size orders. Guide to Avoiding Mistakes.
Goods are sold at a discounted price.
Earrings and shoes are comfortable for both men and women.
Free international shipping on orders over $59
HTTPS detection is used on the web.
Scans without this information do not consider the site to be malware. is a mess

No information was provided.
Low self-confidence
Not much is known.
It has packaging
The life of the community

The Pilotcool Act?

Domain age 8 months 24 days
The phase is set to end on January 9, 2022
Reliability: 8.7 / 100 Reliability Index
Alexa Global Rank 5,076,960 Internet Navigation and Connectivity
Customer feedback: Customer feedback and questions are not accepted on social media.
The user interface consists of system methods.
The fakes are copied from the image to another site.
After a while, his Facebook page only received social media links.
The owner’s records were not released.
An unexpected gift that seems unreal

Pilotcool user feedback

We found no evidence online However, we did find answers to customer complaints in Pilotcool’s Facebook post.

Customers ask the company when it will ship the items they paid for. He said he’s been buying it for a few months and hasn’t received a response yet. Meanwhile, an employee claims to have ordered shoes in two batches, but has yet to receive them. The customer paid by credit card and learned that the website had stolen it.

Their questions and suggestions don’t seem interesting However, are you thinking about buying from them? Tell us using the comments section below. See also other credit card scams.

The final judgment

Pilotcool Reviews contains all the information available on this important site. A market with independent fashion designers who are committed to providing their clients with the highest quality and bespoke products.

Don’t let that fool you. The site has conflicting content, reliable statistics, and a short time to find sites with negative reviews or opinions.

We do not recommend that you use this site and you may request specific feedback from customers. Also, be aware of PayPal Scams.


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