The guide has details on the Novad Management Consulting scam. The Novad Management Consulting scam that worries many in America.

If you have a mortgage, you are probably familiar with the latest reverse mortgage fraud in the United States. Mortgage lenders are fraudulent by stealing information about funds and private borrowers.

Borrowers receiving letters from NOVADI are concerned and confident. They used online chat rooms and social media to discuss the issue and get information about the Novad Management Consulting scam.

If you received the same letter as others, you should read this letter.

NOVAD synchronous

NOVAD Management Consulting, secretary of the FHA Conversion Mortgage Portfolio, a family-owned mortgage services company, as well as limited lenders and so-called FHA loans.

The company is a full-fledged minority company with in-depth knowledge of risk management and program management. Portfolio of authorizations and financial services and real estate management, organizational development and change of business processes and much more.

The company is now in the news because of recent letters from U.S. buyers about reverse mortgage fraud.

What is Novad’s management consulting scam?

The NOVAD scam is spreading across the United States and is aimed at people with mortgages. Scammers send fake emails to residents indicating that their loans are paid for by Nowad Management Consulting and that the rest must be paid directly to ISN Corporation.

The receiver is shipped by ISN Corporation. The ISN business address, including the address and phone number listed, is incorrect. After receiving the fake email, users entered a chat room to learn more about the fraud and report the fraud.

This fraudulent letter from Nowad Management Consulting was also sent to non-creditors. For this reason, we advise that you do not respond or even pay the indicated company.

Learn more about cheating

After reviewing the site’s website, I came across important factors that indicate that it is fake and false. They understand:

The letter is from NOVAD to inform borrowers of the assignment of their loans.
It even orders buyers to pay the company ISN a second time, which has nothing to do with the lending company. Therefore, Novad Management Consulting’s fraud letter should not be taken seriously.
Users also said they have never received a loan, mortgage or loan from NOVAD or ISN, so it makes no sense to pay these companies.
Even those who have no mortgages or loans have received a letter stating that this is a fraud.
Some people claimed the letter was genuine, but there is no official confirmation of the claims. We therefore urge everyone to report the fraud and ignore it until it is approved by NOVAD.


The Novad Management Consulting scam affected many people in the United States, and even people without a mortgage received the letter. However, you should avoid letters until NOVAD issues an official certificate. You should also know the best ways to stay away from scams.

Did you receive the letter? What steps have you taken to resolve this issue, do you want to share in the comments section?


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