Matador Meggings has completed 3 years in the business it started as a meggings brand and now it has evolved into a full-fledged activewear brand. 

It all started with one random notion and has gradually developed into a fashion accessory that every man must have.

Our creator had formerly been pursuing a career as a yoga instructor. When he was surrounded by women wearing yoga pants, he thought, “WTF? I’m the only one in this room who can’t wear leggings. 

If I did, I’d show off my goods to all these poor (or lucky?) women. Someone should make men’s leggings so I can join the spandex party. It is, however, not common for brands to design leggings specifically for the male anatomy. Leggings have always been an afterthought for men…”

He then returned to the downward dog after feeling dejected about it. The last.

I’m joking.

He went shopping, didn’t locate exactly what he was searching for, and stated, “Some of these are passable.” But I can do better.” Hence, Matador Meggings came into being.

  • You might think why name “Matador” Meggings?

Our meggings are inspired by the originals of men’s leggings: matadors, also known as bullfighters. Matadors are hyper-masculine, passionate creatures who need tight-fitting trousers that wouldn’t stifle their speed. 

After all, this is a battle between man and bull. Speed and agility are unavoidable, as is appearing badass. So we borrowed from the past—and now we’ve added our own: men’s leggings for today’s matador. 

Our meggings are ready for combat (and the gym, yoga, festivals, parties, Sunday brunch—should we go on?) no matter what bull you’re fighting or what bullshit you’re putting up with.

If you look closely at our meggings, you’ll see that the character design of the stripes that spiral around the legs represents a bull’s horns.

  • Benefits of compression pants and ideation behind Matador Meggings:

Matador Meggings are made with the anatomy of guys in mind. Our high-performance meggings have a molded soft crotch cup. 

With each motion, its No-VPL TechnologyTM cradles and conceals your Johnson. Yes, my friends, are superhero crotches. No more shorts tucked into your meggings!

To make our meggings even more utilitarian, we included an open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for your belongings, an inside drawstring for enhanced security, and a t-shirt/towel loop. Because if males are going to wear spandex, it better has a reason… or three, don’t we?

  • No-VPL Aka The “Modesty Pad”:

Designed to keep your man parts in check and to keep undesired VPL at bay (visible penis line)

If necessary, the insert may be removed; store or display your belongings whenever you wish.

The soft cup is both comfortable and flexible, enabling you to move freely.

  • Open Pocket:

The phone holder is designed to be easily accessible.

Large bag and stretchable fabric to suit different phone sizes.

The placement on the outside thigh makes the phone accessible without interfering with workouts.

  • Drawstring on the inside:

Designed to tighten around the body for increased hip hold whether doing deadlifts, squads, or backflips.

Because it’s on the inside of the waistband, it won’t be caught or pulled loose during exercise.

Keeps the overall appearance sleek and sophisticated, with no dangling strings to damage your meggings design.

  • Zip-up pocket:

created to keep your valuables in place so they won’t fall out or be stolen by a particularly brazen pickpocket.

An easy method to store everything you don’t want to lose, like money, credit cards, and keys.

A simple, matching concealed zipper and pull maintain the uniformity and cleanness of the design.

  • Towel/T-Shirt Loop:

Designed to offer a safe location for a shirt or towel when jogging, exercising or attending events.

Leggings are kept on but out of the way thanks to clever positioning at the rear.

enables easy access to a personal sweat towel and avoids the terrible loss of attractive gym clothes.

  • Grippy Waistband:

Designed to snugly fit the hips and prevent the pants from sliding down as you walk.

The waistband grip removes the worry about crack accidents and permits unrestricted mobility of the abdomen.

Made of supple, elastic material to avoid chafing, pinching, or rubbing.

  • Performance Fabric That Wicks Sweat:

designed to keep the body dry, cool, and chafe-free by allowing moisture to move through rather than trapping it.

For the best comfort and long-lasting garments, the fabric must be breathable, stretchable, and sturdy.

Wind and water resistance offer essential weather protection.

  • The Matador Meggings’ 5 Fs:

Our meggings are as comfortable as they are stylish. You may go anywhere—from the basketball court to the movies—but you can’t go wrong with a pair of Matador Meggings.

  • Functional:

No-VPL TechnologyTM, several pockets, a useful shirt/towel loop, an inner drawstring, and performance fabric that wicks perspiration.

  • Fun:

Every month, half a dozen new designs and colors are launched, so you can stop hiding your bag in dull black.

  • Fashionable:

We don’t simply wear our meggings to the gym. Don’t be afraid to stand out at festivals and celebrations.

  • Fierce:

Spandex is the ultimate “I’m powerful” statement. Your confidence will increase thanks to our meggings. Thank you very much.

  • F*ckable:

We help you show off all the right curves in the right places so you can flaunt your ass and leave the spectator to fill in the blanks about the rest.

  • Matador Meggings Are Made For Whom?

You’re an athlete. You put forth a lot of effort. Your health and body are important to you. You practice yoga, and CrossFit, is a marathon runner, and you also box.

You’re a festival junkie. As you wait for the next event to start, you are struggling to keep your disco stick in your meggings. You enjoy festival clothes, music, dancing, and crowds.

You are out, proud, and always loud about everything and anything, To make way for leggings, you came out of the closet. You enjoy standing out, going out, or going all out, and our meggings attract all the males to your yard since you are a trendsetter.


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