Increasing opportunities with the developing technology have increased the tendency and confidence of individuals with hair loss and baldness problems towards hair transplantation. Individuals who have aesthetic concerns due to their appearance can have a new image that makes them feel happier and better by having procedures such as hair transplantation and rhinoplasty. However, one of the most curious issues about the process after hair transplantation is when hair transplantation can give results. You can find detailed answers to all your questions in the rest of the content.

When Will Hair Transplant Results Be Obtained?

Although there are certain periods for permanent results from hair transplantation in Turkey, it should not be forgotten that personal factors will also affect this process. For this reason, the answer to the question of how many months the results of hair transplantation are noticeable varies according to the hair follicle, hair structure and health status of the person. However, when the person’s compliance with the process is optimum, hair transplant results can be obtained on average between 6 months and one year. Hair transplantation results are a process that progresses in stages and at the end of the process, the person regains his/her natural hair structure and there are different phenomena characterized by each stage. What kind of a process is experienced after hair transplantation is as curious as the question of how hair transplantation is performed. These stages can be listed as follows:

First three days: Although it is an early stage for hair transplantation results, it is an important time interval for the person to adapt. Redness may occur in the transplanted part, but these redness are temporary.

First week: The first week may be the most curious and challenging part of the hair transplant results. In the first week, small abrasions and red spots are seen on the transplanted area. Although this worries individuals, it is a normal part of the process and is a temporary phase. Redness and abrasions heal over time.

First 3 months: The first 3 months after hair transplantation can be considered as the rooting and development phase of hair sprouts. In these 3 months, there is a waiting phase and there is no change in the hair. It is necessary to wait patiently for the result. After the three-month period is completed, changes in the hair transplanted area begin to be noticed. Starting from the end of the third month, the sprouts in the hair transplantation area begin to increase little by little. Gradually, you can observe that these sprouts grow and develop.

What are the results of hair transplantation after 6 months?

After 6 months: This is the time period when the hair sprouts have grown and become similar to the natural hair structure of the person. Depending on the person, this process may be longer or results may be obtained earlier. However, on average, by the end of the sixth month, the hair appearance in the transplanted area will be very close to the desired shape.

After 12 months: At the end of one year, the hair sprouts that have completed the hair transplantation will be rooted and the hair ratio in the problematic area will have improved. However, this period may vary according to environmental and individual factors. The head area where the hair is transplanted is very effective in this process, such as the hair ratio in this area.



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