The article contains information about Tylee Ryan’s death and Lori’s trial. You can learn more by investigating the cause of JJ and Tylie’s death.

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Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow in 2020 in Rexburg. They own the land because it belonged to their father’s father, Chad Diebel. JJ was 7 when the couple and Tylee disappeared. Families in Canada, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States are investigating the cause of JJ and Tylie’s death.

What caused Tylie and JJ to die?

When Lori begins to believe that their children died before they went missing, many close family members and friends worry that Lori’s obsession with ghosts may turn extreme. The cause of death was not determined.

After bringing JJ home from school, Tylee was last seen at her elementary school when she was last seen in Yellowstone National Park. Details how JJ and Tylee are described. Authorities should search for missing family members after they disappear, their families say. According to Lori, a family friend’s house in Arizona is where JJ is. Their bodies were found buried on their father’s property in Idaho.

What caused Tylie and JJ to die?

All the family members and close friends who were with JJ and Tylee asked the local authorities to conduct an annual inspection after the missing children spontaneously disappeared.

How did Tylie and JJ die?

As they investigate the messages, they learn that Lori and Chad believe they are responsible for the murder. Then in June they get the kids.

So while investigating, Laurie learns that JJ is staying with a relative at her parents’ house in Arizona. Both victims were found on Chad Diebel’s property in Idaho. JJ’s body is found wrapped in duct tape and Tylee is completely burned. The children’s parents told the story of JJ and his wife, Tylee, and the case is currently pending in court. The remains of the couple were buried in the pet cemetery. Lori was acquitted of three counts in April 2022, and Chad and Lori went to trial.

Chad Diebel’s home became home to two missing Rexburg children. A makeshift memorial has arrived for the Rexburg community to remember the missing children. In honor of J. J. Tylie and J. J. Vallow, Tylie decorated the fence with balloons and flowers, stuffed animals and a tribute to Tylie J. Vallow.

Lori Vallow Diebel makes a good living from her job. A lavish lifestyle was part of his lifestyle before he was imprisoned. Diebel’s net worth (approximately $800,000 to $900,000) is estimated at $800,000 to $900,000. Details about JJ have been given as well as Tylee’s net worth.


A serious case involving the murder of two children has been publicized by a Netflix series. The murder of the two children and their dead father by Lori and her partner Chad is revealed. The couple will be able to hear the court’s decision at a final hearing in January 2023. Follow this link for more information.


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