Get exclusive reviews not found elsewhere on Bitql. Learn more about its reliability in this Bitql review article.

Want to sign up for a service that automatically trades Bitcoin based on market stats? Even though Bitcoin is an old cryptocurrency, it carries market risk. So can you trade profitably without knowing anything about the cryptocurrency market? Bitql is hosted in several countries, including Canada and Australia, Canada, UK and Australia, and other countries.

Before you sign up and invest in Bitql Do you want to read reviews to confirm its legitimacy? If so, please see the following paragraphs on Bitql notices for more details.

About the Fraudulent Scheme:

Bitql has become a powerful tool for automated Bitcoin trading. Users have given it a rating of 4.3 to 4.8 out of 5 stars. But scammers are taking advantage of Bitql’s growing popularity. Two fake apps have been found to copy the original Bitql platform.

Bitql is available online as a web-based platform. Several reviews have revealed that it is a fake app. Bitql is the source of advertisements with fake and animated images. These images are exact copies of the registration pages, recycled images created with bitql logo images and content from the original Bitql “How To” pages, etc.

Is Bitql a scam?

Further investigation revealed that two platforms, including BitXT and BitXT, were involved in copying Bitql’s original Bitql platform. More rogu apps are expected to be included in the near future. Moreover, fake platforms are promoted with advertisements.

About Bitql:

It is important to understand that the real Bitql platform is real. However, there are several fake applications created by scammers in the market that clone the original Bitql platform from Bitql, which makes it difficult to distinguish between fake and real Bitql platform. This can eventually lead users to transfer money to bogus apps and then end up with empty wallets.

Bitql tests revealed that the Bitql platform has been around for a long time since 2017. But it is available in fewer countries. Work with licensed brokers certified by CySEC. Bitql uses advanced yet accurate mathematical algorithms to analyze cryptocurrency volatility to find profitable trading opportunities.

Authentic Genuine Bitql Platform Features

  • Demo accounts are free so you can try your hand at understanding what trading on the site entails.
  • Minimum deposit of $250,
  • user authentication,
  • Different levels of security,
  • Instant payment and immediately after the transaction.
  • Automated bitcoin trading using artificial intelligence or NLP and machine learning
  • unused platform,
  • Two ways to trade,
  • Dear customer service,
  • Bitql review found multiple deposit options
  • Positive customer feedback,
  • Over 90% success rate.
  • Less negotiation time,
  • Using proven trading strategies,
  • More margins for trade execution,
  • Incomes are always high,
  • Fast and efficient trade.
  • act without emotion,
  • Easy to use and
  • Web platform, etc.


Original Bitql is a true bot software that analyzes price volatility patterns such as spread asymmetry, moving average and market risk patterns, chart types including trading and chart data from associated market, news, trading.


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