Let’s say wjdonline. We tested wjdonline. This will give you a clear indication of a scam or a legitimate transaction.

Wjdonlineg criticizes the following:

  • He used all of Hoca’s logos for his website and logo. He added that all Hoka One One products have been sold. is not a certified Hoka One One product distributor and is not affiliated with Hoka One One. He also hit Hoka Wan Wan. (Note: Although Hoka currently uses the One One logo, it may use other products or change information on its website in the future.
  • The email address “customerfirstservicefirst@gmail .com” can be used as a free email address, but cannot be domain specific.
  • It will not be associated with unknown additional email addresses, such as info@mallhelpcenter.com, info@shophelpcenter.com or info@storehelpcenter.com.
  • He introduced the entire Hoka One One line of products, for ridiculously high discount rates, almost exclusively available at legitimate retailers on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.
  • Many basic websites like this one are a hat found on many scam sites.
  • Many online stores sell the same products and have complaints about product quality, lead times and customer service.


We can conclude that wjdonline’s internet search is not conclusive to support the above claims.

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