You want Kiwient’s comprehensive report. You are in the right place. We want to know the true face of, so call Associate in Nursing au Courant with a scam date or trusted online store. You just have to check our website for the facts.

Key components of the web

  • The domain name is Kiwient .com.
  • Place name: Kiwient
  • Email:
  • Address and name of the parent company: AIMARK Ltd, Chase Business Center 39-41 Chase facet London, UK N14 5BP
  • Product categories on their website: BEST MERCHANDISE CATALOG
  • Products on website: Celestial Wolf Altar Stand. Make a wall for salad. To hang on the wall for towels. Non-slip toilet bag (4 pieces). A set of siloxane brushes and gloves. Water cleaning brush (4 pcs.) Disposable vacuum cleaner brush (7/14/21 pcs.). Glass bed water. Ultrasonic flea and dog killer. Electronic pet collar (8 sizes to choose from). Pet Nail Clipper and Semiconductor Diode for Birds.

What is

This online fashion brand claims to offer a variety of products including the ones mentioned above. There are a few things you need to understand before checking out this online store.

Kivienti is considered one of the most dangerous places for the following reasons.

During the assessment period, it operated its parent company AIMARK LTD. However, it will change the name and address of the parent company, as the same entities have changed the name and address of their parent company in the past.

Special recommendations and sales

Many product components are listed in deep discounts on the site. Scam sites offer these to trick people into their scams.

Written content

There are many different things on the website and the article covers many problematic websites.

Answers and equations

The return and return policy found itself very reliable, offering any exchange to its customers. He says you have to accept the shipping charges to return it. Shipping charges per unit area are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping the home part is not refunded. The return and/or exchange policy of these online stores is flawed, making it impossible to claim a full refund.

Plans and customer complaints

The information about such online stores, customer complaints, delivery time, customer service and post-purchase service is very poor.

Our latest findings:

Based on the above, we can conclude that Kiwient may be a suspicious website.

You can talk about the company below. You should also give this insight to your social media accounts with your family and friends to understand the online store.

Many online stores claim to offer significant discounts on many items, but they are usually misleading. Avoid these online stores or research before you do anything. Most of these online stores do not ship purchased products to customers, nor do they ship defective or unreliable products. Online scammers can charge customers’ credit cards without their permission. If you are falsely accused by a fraudulent website, you must inform your bank or bank immediately to protect your MasterCard information.


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