You can see the full review of Opliaks here to check if it is a scam or a reliable company.

Opliax found it wrong for the following reasons.

  • Several scams and problematic websites were exploited by FADEL-BEATTY’s parent company. A list of problematic and fraudulent websites that often use this parent’s name can be found by searching our banned FADEL–BEATTY website or by clicking on the link below. which limited its parent company under the name FADEL BEATTY. However, it may change its address and name in the future due to similar websites.
  • The email address is “”, which may be a free address, but it doesn’t have a website.
  • Many Brobdingnagian discount items are listed on the site. Scam sites offer offers to lure people into their scams. The following products are listed for sale: Star Low Voltage Glass Adjustable Outdoor Door Light (1pc), Star Strawberry Fairy Indoor Light (95x215cm), Inventive 3D Door Sticker 95x215cm / Custom Self Adhesive Door Wallpaper DIY For This Bed Water Poster etc.
  • Most of the fine print on the website, including the title of the website, looks like some scam website.
  • Getting a social media image that links to a business social media page is not practical. Legitimate online shoppers sometimes provide social media profiles that link to their own pages, groups, or social media profiles. It will not be published on social networks.
  • Many online retailers selling similar products complain about product quality, delivery time and service.


These are some of the arguments that Opliax is an online scam.

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