We should statement Fredsiber. see our Ibbieinc/Fredcyber survey underneath. you can be prepared to check whether Fredcyber.com is a scam or a legit company.

Fredcyber/Ibbieinc is viewed as dubious for the accompanying reasons:

  • The site name “Ibbieinc” is completely not quite the same as its name.
  • A few risky sites utilized the primary name high modus vivendi LTD, which can be found on the North American CONTACT and TERMS OF Administration pages. A list of {websites|websites|websites} utilizing this keyword can be found by perusing modus vivendi LTD on our site or by tapping on the tag underneath. given the more established name high modus vivendi restricted. Be that as it may, it might change the location and name from now on, as certain pages continue as before.
  • There are various particulars of the site and its topic matches various dangerous destinations.
  • He has put counterfeit virtual entertainment symbols on his site that will divert you to the home pages of different destinations subsequent to tapping on them. Rather than guiding you to company-related web-based entertainment pages, profiles or groups, it did exactly that.
  • There are a few internet based stores selling comparative items with complaints about item quality, conveyance time and client support.


We can’t guard Fredcyber/Ibbieinc’s support more than reality.

You can leave a comment about the company underneath. You will likewise share this audit through your virtual entertainment accounts with your loved ones so they grasp this internet based store.


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