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Have you come across, a website that offers incredible discounts on online shopping in the US? says it is trying to offer new products. But did you know that your mission statement is broad and can be applied to any product or service? So you want to know more and review its authenticity?

Therefore, before you buy, in addition to the low prices, we recommend that you read the Feecoz review below.

Map: is a new online store offering competitive and innovative products. Among the 53 services presented at home:

kitchen appliances,
kitchen appliances,
cleaning equipment,
jeans clip,
bathroom accessories,
face shield,
Equipment repair

The “About Us” content on the site has been hijacked by,,,, and many others, suggesting that is FRUPO.


Buy utilities:
Social Links: No name Feecoz.
Price: $ 0.65 – $ 29.98, including unrealistic discounts of up to 80%, questioning Feecoz’s legitimacy?
Product Options: Not listed at Feecoz.
Address: SELEAD LTD, 121 Prodroou Ave, # 2064 Strovolos, Floor 1, Hadjikiriakion, Building # 1, Nicosia-2064, Cyprus; It has become fake and spread on many fraudulent websites.
Customer Testimonials and Blogs: Not accepted by Feecoz.

Status: current but plagiarized by Feecoz.
Data Protection Act: Now, but Feecoz plagiarism.
WhatsApp number (or): Not specified at Feecoz.
Store location: Feecoz did not specify the store.
Help and FAQs: There is no Feecoz registration.
Shipping Policy: Feecoz ships normal orders in 2-4 weeks, express orders in 1-4 weeks, and international orders in 1-2 weeks.
Feecoz Shipping Policy Review: Shipping with Feecoz takes 48 hours.
Cancellation Policy: No registration.
Tracking: Not available at Feecoz.
Return Policy: Not listed at Feecoz.
Transfer: Not listed at Feecoz.
Return Policy: Not listed at Feecoz.
Email address:, which is not a corporate account.
Payment methods: Amex, ApplePay, DinnersClub, Discover, Meta, GPay, MasterCard, PayPal, ShopPay and Visa in USD.
Item: Not supported by Feecoz.

Advantage: has announced low electricity prices includes detailed product information and photos. EMI offers for ShopPay offers several payment methods has a user-friendly interface with sorting, filtering and search criteria.

Disadvantages mentioned in Feecoz’s review:

Seamless product management and Feecoz logic that allows customers to order unlimited items.
Only ShopPay, GPay and PayPal are available here.
Feecoz has released only 53 products with limited marketability.
The physical address is incorrect because the address is for general address and business address.
Difficult to contact customers due to lack of contact number and incorrect physical address.

Is legitimate?

From Feecoz, March 27, 2022 6:34:23 AM
Fetal age: three months and eighteen days.
Feecoz Last test: March 27, 2022 06:34:24
Valid value: 27 Mar 2023 06:34:23; Is Feecoz legitimate?
Life Feecoz: Make money in eight months and twelve days.
Confidence Index: Feecoz has an amazing confidence index of 2%.
Market Rating: Feecoz has a below market average of 42.8%.
Origin: Feecoz was registered in the United States.
Blacklist: Feecoz is not a blacklist.
SSL Status: Your IP address has an SSL Certificate valid for the next 60 days.
Unreliable websites: 34%.
Risk profile: 40%.
Phishing score: 14%.
Malware score: 40%.
Spam score: 0%.
Contact: no name at Feecoz.
Secure connection: Feecoz sends data via a secure HTTPS connection.
Social Reviews of Feecoz: There are no social pages of Feecoz.
Contact and Owner Identity: Services of Proxy LLC are used to censor the identity and contact of owners of Feecoz. Customer Reviews:

Six reviews on the website and YouTube reviews suggest that this could be a sign. has a negative Alexa rating of 2,414,056. does not support product reviews. has no information or comments on social media or social networking sites. So check your credit card fraud because accepts credit cards.

The Result:

Feecoz is the latest rating for as a SCAM. has great loyalty, Alexa and performance standards. has found a number of suspicions, phishing, malware and malicious profiles for user information and equipment. Client certificate not found successfully No profile found for online user. That’s why we don’t offer So accept PayPal payments like like

What did Fekoz say was revealed? Please pay attention to the bottom of the feecosis.


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