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Want to buy from Otigec.com? Have you ever thought about reading customer reviews and logging in quickly? Our platform helps to determine the legality of the products of websites and online stores by providing the necessary information in the document.

You must check these details to avoid accessing a fraudulent website. Today we are talking about the American website otigec.com. Please tell me what is the story of the big puppies…..

What is otigec.com?

Otigec.com is an online store for home and kitchen appliances and other high-quality products. They sell uniquely designed t-shirts on the “About Us” page; but we can’t find any such product on the page.

Toilets, travel equipment, tables, coffee machines, exercise machines, power tools, etc. you will find All product details are displayed in the description fields.

The site is user-friendly and user-friendly. Each product has a review section, but no reviews. Is this Otitec law? Let’s find out more about how to answer this question.

Information for Otitec.com

When shopping on a new website, it’s important to read the customer policy and get the most up-to-date customer contact information. Here are all the details of otigec.com; Before ordering online, please read:

URL: https://www.otigec.com/.
Domain Age: Registration of owners on April 18, 2022; This page is currently 2 months 26 days ago.
Category: Household appliances, kitchenware, electrical equipment and other equipment
Phone: +1 (814) 327-6714
Email: support@otigec.com
Work Address: In this Otigec Review article, we refer to the work address listed on this website: 522 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA.
Working hours: 24*7 customer service

Social media icons include: The company provided social media links to share product information. This company has no social media profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions: This page provides answers to some common customer questions.
Accepted payment methods: The company accepts credit cards through Apple Pay, PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay and American Express, Visa, Diner’s Club, etc.
Shipping and Delivery Order: In the Otigec review article, we state that the company offers delivery services only within the United States. Order processing time is 1-2 working days, delivery time is 5-7 working days.
Shipping Service Use: USPS
Return Policy: The 30-day return policy is as follows.
Auction Policy: Customers can cancel an order at any time before the order is shipped.
Refund Policy: Refunds may take up to 6 business days to process.

Advantages of Otitec.com

So you want to buy otigec.com online:

free shipping
100% secure payments
30 day return policy
Cons of Otigec.com
So pay attention to otitec.com:

Bad customer reviews

Low trust level and domain age
Is it a fire protection law?
Field age: 2 months 26 days
Field closes: April 18, 2023
Confidence level: 2%.
Confidence Level: No information
Award-winning Global Alexa Rank: #6119531
Copying Content: We found copy on customer order pages and product images.
Customer Policy: The Company lists all customer policies on its website.
Customer Reviews: We have seen negative customer reviews on otitec.com.
Our Page: This page says Otigec sells t-shirts, which is incorrect.
Original Address: Incorrect work address.
Email Legitimacy: Customers say their email address and phone number don’t work.
Owner Information: Not disclosed
False discounts: The company offers up to 50% off certain products.
Social Media Availability: No

Otigek reviews

We have seen several customer reviews and comments about Otigec.com on various platforms. Customers say the website is a scam and customer contact details are fake. The client shouted that he paid for his order, but did not receive any confirmation or parcel for this order.

According to customers, the company doesn’t share tracking information or order numbers, and you don’t get an email response. And learn how to protect yourself from PayPal online scams at this link.


From this article, we learned that otigec.com is an online shopping site dedicated to coffee machines and other home and kitchen products. And learn how to protect yourself from online credit card scams at this link.

Due to negative reviews about Otigec, we believe that this website is not reliable for online shopping. So be careful and be safe.

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