This story by Diana Egg is about a businesswoman who is attacked while on vacation with friends.

What did Dayhan Jackson do? Is the name popular on social media? Is this really his calf? Shankela Robinson is going to Cabo, Mexico with her friends on October 28, 2022. After 24 hours, the businesswoman was found dead.

People around the world sympathize with the businessman and are shocked by the spread of the virus. Read this news article to learn more about Daejhanae Ig and its history.

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What was the last Daejhanae Ig event?

As news of Robinson’s death spreads, footage shows one of his friends attacking Deanna Robinson. Jackson’s photo also went viral on the Internet.

The video shows a woman attacking Shankela Robinson. Friends of the victim sat with him and filmed the brutal attack on camera.

Managers of social networks.

Robinson’s identity was revealed online and six of his friends deleted their social media accounts. Jackson’s identity remained a mystery, but he was her husband. But Twitter users posted a photo of Jackson’s LinkedIn page.

It is important to note that authorities have not confirmed online claims that Jackson was the attacker.

Robinson’s cause of death

The networks found the news of Robinson’s death surprising. Netizens believe that Shankella Robinson was killed by a group of friends. The footage shows Jackson beating Robinson before Robinson’s death.

The networks are calling for the arrest of Robinson’s friends. Shankella Robinson’s parents were told their daughter had died of an alcohol overdose.


Daijana Jackson describes herself on LinkedIn as a “medical professional” who studied at Winston-Salem State University. According to his profile, he works at Blue Rhino in Greensboro, North Carolina. The company calls it a “propane replacement brand” on its official website.

It is possible that Jackson is still with the company, but that would be doubtful given Jackson’s lack of popularity and internet popularity.

What did Robinson’s parents say about their son’s death?

Robinson’s friend, Khalil, told Robinson’s parents, Bernard and Salamondro, that Robinson died of alcohol poisoning. Robinson died of unknown causes. Investigators made the discovery when Robinson’s family notified the FBI of their son’s mysterious death. His wealth is unknown.

Robinson’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, said in an interview that her son had a broken back and neck. Robinson’s sister, Kayla Long, said she was skeptical of her friends. The cause of Shankela’s death is still under investigation.

Quick Wiki

After the death of Shankella Robinson, Diana became famous and loved. His personal story cannot be told. Here are some facts you can find online about his LinkedIn profile.

  • Real name: Diana Jackson
  • Career – Try to be healthy
  • His age is unknown
  • Education – Winston-Salem Elementary School
  • Blue Rhino – I work for you
  • – Place of birth and date of birth unknown
  • Relationship is unknown
  • Parents – Bernard and Salamodra


Dayhane Jackson is the blue rhino doctor who recently confessed to attacking Shankela and her friend. The video of Jackson’s attack on Shankela went viral. Watch Diana Jack’s video here.

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