This article provides information about the “Charlotte Killed in Mexico” video and the cause of her death.

Tragically, 25-year-old Shankella Robinson was beaten to death while vacationing with friends in Mexico.

Have you seen this story? Is this the story of his death? Do you know that people in the United States are talking about this tragedy? If you don’t know, don’t lose heart. Continue reading this article about the murder of Charlotte in Mexico.

How did she die?

On October 28, 2022, 24-year-old Shankela went to Mexico City with her friends. He’s having a good time, but he’s going to die in 24 hours. They all went to Mexico to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Shankwella’s mother was told different stories by Shankwella’s friends, which made her question her faith. He also said that many of his friends were drunk. Others said his friend poisoned him. The Reddit link is at the bottom of the article. It shows whether the video is from most sources or hidden.

Shankvel’s mother, Salamander, explains that she doesn’t trust anyone. He reports his mysterious death to the FBI to find out the exact cause. The FBI concluded that there was no evidence of alcohol or food poisoning. The FBI said he had a broken neck, back and ribs.

Viral on Instagram – How do we know what happened to her?

Disclaimer: This article is also about physical violence. The viewer is responsible for his actions.

Everyone was stunned by Shankwell’s death until a video surfaced of a naked Shankwell and a woman punching Shankwell several times. Shankela is attacked by a woman, but another woman films the entire scene and does not help her. You can read the link below to see the viral Twitter account for Shankela Justice. Between the two voices, a voice is heard telling him to fight Shankel.

Shankella Robinson Wikipedia:

  • Real name Shankella Robinson
  • Unknown name
  • Professional business women
  • 24 years old
  • From North Carolina
  • He was born in 1998
  • Mrs. Salamandra Robinson
  • Mr Bernard Robinson
  • Brothers, Sister (Quila)


Shankella Robinson was a businesswoman who was brutally attacked by her close friends. An investigation is currently underway and it is unclear if the victim was killed in the attack. For more information on Charlotte Women, Shankela Robinson

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