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What happened to Breath Gow?

It’s been 13 years since Brittany Goh disappeared while on spring break in Myrtle Beach. According to the official report, Raymond Moody (62) was found not guilty and charged with Brittany’s murder.

The cops were like Modi, who was also a guest at Brittany’s car yard. In 2009, on the twenty-sixth of the Gregorian calendar month, she killed him while driving at full speed in Surfside. He also buried his body that day. His body was later found in Georgetown in the twelfth month of the Gregorian calendar 2022. He must have been thirty-five kilometers from where he disappeared.

Is Brittany Ho Gone?

Brittany was a student at Gates Chili High School in Rochester. Brace was last seen at the Myrtle Beach building in 2009, according to surveillance footage. They searched all his places north of McClellanville. He was indeed there, his wheelchair replaced, no trace of his whereabouts.

When Swann was out of town, he delayed the decision and explained the whole story.

Where was Bryce Gaw found?

Brittany Gow’s disappearance became a national scandal after authorities found her body in an area known as Georgetown County. Brittany’s dental chart confirmed that the body was that of the missing woman.


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