Performance Research says you can get paid to participate in surveys.

I can tell right away that this is a search site that is a little different from other paid search sites.

But is Buzzer legit and worth subscribing to, or is this a site you should avoid?

This detailed research report will give you all the details, how it differs from other places, what are its features and give you some information so that you can decide what to expect and what to do on your own. We make sure you understand what we can do. to make

What is product research and what does the site offer?

It is professional

Originally called Prolific Academic, it is still commonly referred to. However, the name was a bit long and weird, so they changed it to Big, the official stage name.

His website is now called

However, if you’ve heard or read about Prolific Academics, it’s the same platform as Prolific, but some people still don’t know that the name has changed (even though it happened in 2015).

As I mentioned earlier, is a little different from other search sites. So let’s start with what’s special and how to behave as a member.

Its rich history sets it apart from other exploration areas.

It was developed due to difficulties in recruiting participants for my dissertation.

So they decided to create a platform where researchers can easily access board members from around the world and be rewarded for their simple contributions.

Prolific is now a public platform for researchers and individuals who want to share ideas, support research and get paid at the same time.

That’s fine, but what is really capable and worth doing extensive research?

Let’s explore the possibilities for deepening the understanding of participants and researchers.

A chance to get more

Option 1 – Production Income:

Earn money by contacting Prolific and completing surveys and classes.

This forum is for researchers to get answers and ideas, so researchers need to publish their research results.

This means less votes than other search sites, but it depends more on your country. Some countries get more invitations, others don’t. Guest (more on countries later)

But I think the research here is really interesting.

These are all academic courses, but that doesn’t mean you have to graduate. This means that your answers will be used for research purposes, for example at universities.

For example, I myself was involved in research, cultural studies, ethical theory, etc. at the University of Düsseldorf.

You need to express yourself and comment on the survey, just like you would on any other survey website. It allows you to register and take surveys regardless of your background.

Many surveys are more specific and cover specific topics. For example where do you live, what do you do for a living and how many children do you have?

So there is no doubt that Prolific is a legitimate site with interesting research and collaborations with world-renowned researchers.

Your answer is directly influenced by current research. I love it so much. However, the platform is very basic, so depending on your profile, you may not be able to access daily or weekly surveys.

You will receive an email each time a course becomes available. If you want to participate, please wait a long time to fill out the form. Some questionnaires are completed immediately.

One way to get notifications is to download a Prolify Chrome extension called Product Helper.

Be notified when new forms are available and review them before completing them

Surveys are usually not very long and their timing is important. I think the average is 10-20 minutes, but sometimes I get shorter or longer surveys.

You can check the estimated duration before conducting the survey and then decide whether to conduct the survey or not.

How to pay my salary?

Members can pay via PayPal

Could you at any point get backing and give criticism?
On the off chance that you really want support on Prolific, there is a contact structure whenever you are signed in. You initially need to demand that it is something you don’t find a solution for in the FAQ segment, before you can send the structure.

I have not wanted to contact the help myself, so I am don’t know how rapidly they will hit you up.

Prolific likewise has a Facebook page, where you can see news and updates. You can likewise decide to remark here on the off chance that you have any input.

In any case, as far as I can tell, they are truly delayed at returning to individuals that remark on their posts. That is a disgrace, as fast reactions ought to constantly be a priority when individuals need support.

There is anyway likewise one more method for giving input on Prolific, which is a bit strange.

At the point when you have taken a study, you will see a picture where you need to say on the off chance that the review was working or not. It is a speedy method for giving criticism, and I value they have this choice.

As a scientist you likewise have a method for giving criticism to members. You can decide to give a star to members that have given extra helpful experiences to you.

You can greatest give stars to 5% of the members. It can prompt the member being picked as the member of the month and win a little cost.

Last decision

As may be obvious, Prolific is a legit overview site. Regardless of whether it is worth joining relies a ton upon your motivations to join and assumptions.

So we should complete this survey by summarizing the upsides and downsides to give you a superior outline.



  • Intriguing surveys that have an effect
  • Pays out through PayPal
  • Great way for scientists to get members for studies
  • Genuinely great prizes


  • Not a lot of surveys (contingent upon your country)
  • Now and again you need to wait for a long time to have your surveys endorsedIf you have any desire to get however much cash-flow as could reasonably be expected on paid surveys, you ought to likely consider joining sites that have day to day opportunities all things considered.

It can take persistence to bring in cash on Prolific as a member relying upon the country you live in and your profile, as you won’t necessarily be offered surveys frequently.

Yet, on the off chance that you like adding to the freshest exploration, Prolific is an extraordinary site. In this way, as I would see it, you ought to predominantly join, to participate in fascinating surveys and wouldn’t fret that it could consume a large chunk of the day to get a payout.

Or on the other hand go along with it as an additional site in addition to overview sites that have more opportunities, and afterward utilize Prolific as a method for giving important experiences and get a little additional money every so often.

So Prolific can be a decent site to join, however ensure you do it with the right assumptions.


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