At first glance, looks like a great website to participate in paid surveys and earn extra money.

You have seen ads that Bigspot TV is available.

But is a scam or an easy way to make money for your ideas?

Please let me know that this is not entirely true and that you cannot get what you want by visiting a website or watching a TV ad.

This review goes over what the site has to offer – what you should know before you join.

What is and what does it offer?

If you’re visiting for the first time, it’s a clean and welcoming place. There is a short column where you can add content, answer surveys and earn rewards. Here is the registration form.

At first glance, this seems like a simple and easy way to raise money for healthcare. Bigspot can run ads to ensure that it is a valid platform for sharing and earning money.

But before I got too excited, I learned how to test and use hundreds of paid search engines.

So I want to know more about Bigspot’s search offer. However, this is not always possible at

Very little information is available on location and availability. Only privacy policy, events, applications and registration types are displayed. This is a defect. More information for registration.

Therefore, you must register to fully understand what the site has to offer. Most of the best review sites have lists of awards, website profiles, etc. I was skeptical about signing up for BigSpot because you can join even before signing up.

It’s usually bad not knowing what a website is about before you visit it. But I was curious and wanted to write a Bigspot review to see what it was all about, so I signed up.

After signing up, I realized that there are good reasons for not getting detailed information before registering with

Tip: Check the most popular search engines in your country.

What happens when I sign up for

When you go to a paid search site, you can usually go to the membership page and look for other ways to earn money or receive email invitations. . . . .

Couldn’t find it on

I’ve made a video below so you can see what you can achieve.

BigSpot’s settings changed slightly after the video was uploaded. But the structure and presentation is the same.

What do you get with a membership?

At first it may seem strange that someone would create such a site, but there are valid reasons for doing so. Based on my experience with, I don’t think this is your opinion as a user.

Enter your email address and register in advance. They then use it to return to the website to send more information and enjoy the experience.

But while most of these websites use email addresses, BigSpot does not. I never received an email tricking me into visiting the site or signing up for a coupon. It’s really weird.

Of course, you can sell your data to other websites that offer junk (this is illegal). I have read some reviews that complain about how is targeting users.

How do you want to pay?

Can I still pay through Bigspot Search? How can I pay?

You may not earn money directly from It is like a website and simple steps to pay from there.

Final decision – scam or legit? is not a scam, as it is making an effort not to deceive cash from you and it is nothing similar to the through and through overview scam locales that unfortunately exist.

This does anyway not mean is worth joining, and from this survey, you can see, I don’t think it is. In any case, we should summarize the upsides and downsides, so you can get a superior outline and decide for yourself.



  • Allowed to join
  • Just advances legit overview destinations


  • No real individuals area
  • You cannot earn on the site
  • Has no top to bottom data
  • Exceptionally short list of review destinations
  • Makes it seem as though you can earn on the site before you join

I genuinely don’t have many positive comments about At least it is allowed to join, and the overview locales that I have seen they are alluding to are legit and reliable study destinations. I have not seen them alluding to any of the scam overview locales.

It is simply completely unnecessary to pursue and a waste of time. I don’t as such have an issue with a part site like this.

However, on the off chance that you have a part site like this, it ought to be to give a real valuable information to your individuals, as I would see it. Not simply to give them superficial information or two or three connects to earn commissions yourself.

I also could do without the approach that you have to join and give your email, before understanding what you pursue. Assuming that you have something of real value to offer, you wouldn’t see any problems with let individuals know what they pursue, before they join right?

That the website is not transparent is one reason there are various complaints on the web, and that I also don’t recommend it.

So is not a scam, but rather as I would like to think also NOT worth pursuing. You can find list of overview destinations many different places without having to join, and at the same time get more inside and out information, so you understand what you are pursuing.

If you want to make some extra cash by taking paid overviews, this is most certainly conceivable, and there are many great locales that offer this. You can look at the list of the top paying overview locales in your country to get everything rolling easily.



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