If you are looking for a Zaylua review, you have come to the right place because we have tried to make it simple and easy and offer you a brief overview of this website. All you have to do is read the article and find out if this is a Zaylua.co scam or a regulated company.

What is Zaylua.com?

The website is an online store that offers clothing and accessories, including tops and pants, as well as matching shirts, jackets and coats, Halloween costumes, jewelry, and more. There are many things you need to know before choosing the best place to shop.

For these reasons, we classified Zaylua as a non-recommended place.

Company Address:

The address and telephone number of the online store are not given on the website. But regulated companies will still have the information on their websites. It is clear that he is trying to hide information and not be trusted with this online shopping company.

Email addresses like zayluacoinfo@gmail.com and trongquyet8686@gmail.com are free and not private.

Discount and offers:

They sell their products at very low prices that are not found on any other site.

Copied Content:

We have found that the images used in the product listing are not unique. This means that the site copies photos from other sites or simply sells clothes or other items. Much of the content of the website, like its theme, is relevant to many problem areas.

Return and exchange:

There is also a return policy that is considered unreasonable to allow returns or exchanges of goods. Therefore, it is almost impossible to recover the entire amount of such sites due to their ambiguity.

Customer Complaints and Statements:
Customer support and delivery times on such sites are very poor, as evidenced by complaints from users of such sites.

Our final conclusion:

Based on the above evidence, it can be confirmed that Zaylua is one of the suspicious sites.

If you want to give your opinion on anything with this business, be sure to leave a comment below. Send w.e.g. this review to your family and friends via ad so they know about the online store.

Today, many new online stores claim to sell different products at different prices, but most are scams. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from new online stores or do some research before buying items from these new online stores as most of these stores are not able to offer products to their customers whether they are substandard or bad products to be. Some websites pay customers’ credit cards without permission. If you are unable to complete an online purchase, we recommend that you call your credit card or bank directly to protect your credit card information.


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