Read about the horrific murder that began when two strangers spoke at the Zambian Meat Forum. Learn all about cannibals in Zambia, Canada.

Did you know that Zambia’s online cannibalism has been widely studied in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia? Did you know that cannibalism in Zambia is linked to the November 2013 genocide? Did you know that the main suspects in cannibalism in Zambia are police officers?

See the brutal events and timing details of this article by Canadian Zambian cannibals.

Zambian cannibalism:

Detlevc. He worked for the Foreign Ministry of the Criminal Investigation Bureau in Saxony. He was 55 years old. Detref attended the Zambian Cannibal Forum and met the victims online. The 59-year-old victim was a Hanover resident.

Datlev has been in contact with victims for a long time, exchanging emails, messages and chats in chat rooms.

The victims said they wanted to kill and destroy Detref from an early age. The tendency of victims to commit suicide has increased.

What is Zambian meat?

Zambian Meet is a web forum where members discuss non-vegetarian and illegal ideas.

Accident data:
On November 4, they met at Dresden Central Station and had lunch at the Czech border.

During the meeting, they agreed to kill and destroy the victim. The two then went to the Datelev Guest House on Ore Hill.

Detref took the victim to the basement of the guesthouse. Detref was stabbed, fatally wounded, tortured, and mutilated.

Zambian meat wiki:

According to online sources, this type of incident is not new to the Zambian Meat Forum, as it is cannibalistic and illegal and the site supports such content.

However, Detref did not allow her to eat any part of the victim’s body. But he buried the deceased in the courtyard of the guest house.

Detlev capture:

Detlev was arrested by German police on November 13, 2013. Detlev’s colleagues claimed he was a normal human being and had no outbreak of suicide, mental illness (or) murder.

Detlev’s colleagues were surprised to learn more about his work at the Zambian Meet Forum.

Court decision:

A Dresden court has sentenced Detref to eight years and seven months in prison for premeditated murder.

The public prosecutor’s office had tried to sentence him to life imprisonment. However, the court rejected the petition saying that the victim’s suicidal tendencies could not be ignored.


Please note that Zambian meat is not readily available and the URL of the Zambian meat forum is not provided. Therefore, the information in this article is from various sources on the Internet. This article does not support or authorize the Zambian Meat Cannibalism Canada website.


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