“Writing on our hearts” is how to properly publish a press release on a topic of great importance to humanity.

Do you know the most important muscle in the human body? Did you answer him in a few seconds? Yes, this is our heart. Today, young people praise it as a symbol of love. While this is partially true, it has everything to do with it, as it breaks our hearts to see our loved ones shed tears. That’s why our website decided to bring to our attention articles published in books that cover the most important things related to the human body. start!

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Our publication is known for its unbiased coverage of any topic, be it politics or news. We are not biased because our goal is the truth for our readers.

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Fun, Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Health, Women’s Health, Food Planning, Lifestyle, Travel Tips, Cryptocurrency Options, Ideas, Environment and more. Our articles are ready to receive press releases on topics of the heart so that our articles capture the imagination of our readers. Eligible applicants can share their information with us.

Write a guest on our heart blog.

  • The heart is the main organ of the body where blood flows through the arteries and is located between the lungs and the center of the chest. But we use the media to discuss current issues related to heart disease. Currently, one-year-old children have heart problems. Therefore, the authors should introduce the article to help them avoid future heart problems.
  • Cardio specialists can provide little-known information about the heart and heartbeat. Because according to the World Health Organization, about 17.9 million people die from heart disease.
  • The following topics are on our Books for Us + Heart blog wishlist: Heart Disease, Causes of Heart Disease, Blood Pressure and Heart Function, Latest Information on Heart Disease, Demographics and Related Heart Disease and How to…Treat Them, A
  • Guide to Healthy Heart Actions, Human Emotions and Their Relationship to the Heart, etc.
  • Scientists, researchers and biotechnologists can explain traditional methods and old medical devices used to treat heart disease.
  • Authors can present new technologies and strategies in the field of organ donation.
  • Since human life is at stake, all information must be accurate and completely truthful. Author’s responsibility Make sure.
  • We don’t stick to experienced writers, but their work must be strong enough to justify their work.

Heart blog in “write to us” style

  • Each item should be sent in a simple way.
  • The essay must be written in American English and must be strong.
  • Authors should choose standard settings such as Times New Roman or Arial font, uppercase, 12, line spacing 1 or 1.5, and left justified.
  • We would like to state our exact position here: published articles will be rejected without consideration.
  • That should be a good read. Authors can check the results with online tools.
  • A story can have pictures, but the writers have to. Try to add pictures to make it easy to understand.
  • Write to us + “”Sydänblogi”” The word limit of the message depends on the topic.

Benefits of guest posting

  • People should get to know the great world of literature by participating. So our team
  • helps writers see the world of literature.
  • While our website helps authors reach more readers, our website also reaches a wider
  • audience around the world.
  • The link is open to all authors.

How to submit an article

The submission method is email: Storyatures@gmail.com. Authors should consider these points before submitting. Verification is mandatory. The author must send us the draft from a valid email. If we do not receive a response from authors, this may affect the selection process. As we can no longer wait for individual contributors, contributors should include their contact number with their submission to avoid any issues. Our editorial team can make the necessary adjustments to the selected article.


The evaluation process and selection information on our website is provided to the authors. All articles must acknowledge all terms of our site. If not, the writers who are supposed to be writing for our hearts can be forgiven. Thank you for your interest. Let’s join hands to save a thousand hearts and put a smile on our readers’ faces at the same time.

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