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Are you a fan of Wordle word games? What are the best US states where Wordley is most popular? If not, focus on the message to find the answer.

Minnesota is the US state where the surprising Wordley is most popular. The land of tens of thousands of lakes tops Wordle’s list of solutions, and people in the US and Canada want to know more. So in this post, we explore more about Wordle Minnesota Wordle.

Where is Wordley famous in the US?

Wordle is the most popular five letter word game on the internet and a worldwide phenomenon. The game is estimated to be most common in Minnesota.

As shown by a chart of Twitter data compiled by the education website, the 12th largest state in the United States is the most popular state in the sports world.

Last month, the site analyzed nearly 2 million Twitter posts about the game. Wordley is also most common in the upper midwestern United States. Wisconsin is Wordley’s second most popular state, after Minnesota Wordley.

Outside of the Midwest, Utah and the Pacific Northwest are big fans of the sport. The top 10 includes several New England and Illinois states. The sport is less common in the Southeast.

The word search website WordTips also checked the most popular states on Wordly and found Minnesota at the top. Iowa is fourth.

The top 10 US cities only revealed by WordTips do not include its other sister city, Minneapolis. With an average of 3.66, Waukesha, Wisconsin is ranked 10th by WordTips.

Wordle Minnesota How is Wordle most popular?

As it turns out, there are some clever cookies living in the Minnesota capital, at least when it comes to guessing words in popular word games.

According to a study by WordTips, St. Paul is the best US city to crack Wordley, guessing the usual five letters. Before they answered correctly, St. Paul citizens averaged 3.51 three out of six.

Minnesota had a national average of 3.83 responses, ranking sixth with Vermont, according to an analysis of Twitter data. The state’s highest overall performance was in North Dakota with 3.65.

According to other statistics released last month by the education website, Wordley is more common in Wordley Minnesota than in nearly any other US state.

Why is Wordley so popular?

Wordle becomes a worldwide sensation. Sama is known for many reasons. Below we have listed some of the most important factors.

  • Wordle does not take much time and effort.
  • People praise new new words every day.
  • Finally, people can share their results with family and friends.


Wordley’s dominance will continue with a growing number of everyday users, and the game will become a worldwide sensation. Click here to find the most popular states in Wordle.

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