Welcome to Word Safari Review!

I recently created Word Safari, a puzzle game where players can win hundreds of dollars.

Once you unlock your password, you get virtual dollars that can be transferred to your PayPal account.

You can also redeem Amazon and Sephora gift cards when you reach your spending limit

Many people join Word Safari and spend hours playing with it in hopes of making easy money. But is it really worth it? Is this app legit or fake?

What is Word Safari?

Word Safari is another puzzle game where you connect letters to reveal hidden words. Near Ward Bakery!

Every time you do this, you earn real dollars that can be used for real money rewards.

Beat the level to spin the roulette and win a $101 voucher.

Earn money if you are qualified. More on this later.

Developed by WordFun Studio, Word Safari is the perfect game. This means that players can write reviews and share their experiences on his Play Store.

How Word Safari works

Anyone can download Word Safari from Google Play and start solving puzzles in no time.

Please note that installing the app on your Android device may access sensitive registration information, device IDs, and contact information.

Additionally, Word Safari can read and delete photos, videos, and other files stored on USB drives.

It’s crazy. So if you are worried about data or privacy leaks, think twice before using this app.


Is the word safari legal or fake? Is it worth it?

Sorry for the inconvenience, but Word Safari is free. Depending on the game, there is no chance of winning $200 or $1,000.

Once you reach $200 and enter your PayPal account, you will be notified that it will take 7 days to process.

On the other hand, many players complain that Word does not accept Safari emails. This is called “malicious email”.

Some people report that he watched 50 videos after paying. But in the progression cycle he needed another card to get 30 gold cards.

Please understand that the developers are giving false hopes of monetization as the app can make a lot of money.

The more you play, the more money you can earn over time. But it doesn’t cost you a dime!

Are there alternatives to Safari?

Avoid games that offer hundreds of dollars through PayPal. nobody pays! Here is another fake money game.

As far as I know, CryptoWord is the only puzzle game where a player can earn his Satoshi (Nano Bitcoin) by matching letters and words. 100% legal!


Word Safari is a challenging puzzle game to kill time and expand your vocabulary. However, the winnings are fictitious and will not be credited to your PayPal account.

Luckily, the developer has not included the game in the Early Access section. So you can check all the negative reviews on Google Play and make your decision.

You may receive an email bounce or be asked to meet certain requirements. After all, you can still watch many useful videos for creators.


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