Want to know more about this painting that shows a Russian soldier? If so, you should read the article that explains all the relevant information on this topic.

Social media users around the world are discussing a viral video from Ukraine that shows an unidentified Russian soldier entering a store. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is one of the most talked about topics and in a short time the video got millions of views. Read techno war at home wiki.

More techno house battles

A video of a Russian soldier opening fire at the door of a shop has been posted several times on social networks. The video was written by YWN journalist Moshe Schwartz: ÔÇťAgainst the Russian army. Gate.”

“Russian Soldier. Gate” received more than 1.9 million views. Moreover, this tweet received 40,000 views, 10.3,000 retweets and 2297 retweets within a day. The tweet later went viral on various social platforms. Learn more about the Ukrainian techno house war.

The story behind Techno House’s viral Twitter battle

A tweet by Yeshiva World News reporter Moshe Schwartz on March 2, 2022 gained attention after the video was shared.
The location of the video is listed as Kherson, Ukraine.
The video was shot on an iPhone by someone who lives in the building opposite Techno House. The Techno house where the event took place.
The short duration of the video was 64 seconds.
Moshe Schwartz later wrote the complete address of Techno House.
The identity of the person who shot the video has not been released.

Wiki Techno Home Battle

The video shows Russian soldiers trying to open the door of Techno House. Techno House.
The soldier can shoot the door handle multiple times. If this attempt fails, he also tries to break the failed glass.
After trying his arms and hands several times, he leaves the stage disappointed and confused.
Someone created a Wikipedia page for this video and that page was later removed.
A Wikipedia article mentions a funny confrontation between a janitor and a Russian soldier.

People’s reactions

Wiki Battle Techno House has been shared in various memes and funny trolls.
On various social media platforms, many people talked about how the guards defeated the soldiers.
He credited the strength of the wicket for the shots lasting.
Many funny videos have been shared with different background songs.


Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory and similar actions are constantly discussed and debated on the Internet. Videos of Russian victories and defeats are widely shared on social media.


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