This post introduces users and viewers to the reviews, legalities, privacy policy and features of the store.

Have you heard of the store? If not, this post will direct you to that store. Unfortunately, it has not had mass availability in stores, but many American consumers want Wenbergs to do in-store reviews. Therefore, here we discuss some important information such as reviews and other legal information.

So if you plan to buy from here, get your rain check from them and check this post before you buy. So let’s start our research.

Briefly wrote

The store is a website for everyday items in the US. They have facilities to make housework easier and you can spend your free time with friends and family. Their titles are;

  • Inflatable rafting tubes, outboard motors, swimming kits and other water sports accessories.
  • Lifesaving clothing
  • That movement
  • The highest headquarters
  • A wooden playhouse
  • grill position

Is legit? We’ve featured all of their products, but would we recommend shopping at this store? Of course it isn’t. Without reviewing this site, we cannot recommend our readers to buy from it. Therefore, for the safety of our customers, we will share all relevant legal information about the store where the category in question can be found.


  • Buy a life jacket at
  • Email ID:
  • Location: North Carolina, 28655, 4251 Pea Ridge Road, Morganton.
  • Our research team was unable to gather information on the phone number.
  • I did a lot of searching but couldn’t find a relevant review for the store’s collection. And review sites haven’t rated the store yet.
  • Return Policy: A 30-day return policy applies to faulty and defective products.
  • Non-returnable items: Perishable items such as food, flowers, beauty products.
  • Referral Policy: There is no specific section in this policy. However, the estimated delivery time is shown under the products.

Good lighting

  • Location information and email address are available.

Low lighting

  • Phone numbers are not included.
  • Descriptions are not displayed on any device.
  • No social media handles found.

Is legit?

The website features a variety of products that you may need for a long time. However, we warn you not to get caught collecting them; Instead, always read what the law says. Additionally, the merchant may misuse your credentials, so be careful when sharing your personal information.

  • Website registration: July 24, 2021 is the registration date of the Vanberg family. The property was built six months ago and is very old.
  • Confidence Index: The confidence index is one percent, which is low and insignificant.
  • Given his low level of confidence, he is not to be trusted.
  • Registrar: is registered by, LLC.
  • Customer Comments: We could not find any relevant comments on about the content of this page. No review sites have shared the store’s ratings.
  • Social Media Accounts: We could not find any social media accounts associated with this website. It looks like an unpopular site.
  • Privacy Policy: There are all relevant and necessary policies. However, the seller does not mention the specific provision in the shipping policy.
  • Missing Information: The seller shared location information and email ID, but the phone number was missing from the submission.
  • Data Security: Even if the website uses HTTPS, it is not always secure as other factors are also important. Beware of all dangers. looks

The site provided an email address and location information, but did not share a phone number. Additionally, the site appears to be unpopular due to the lack of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Also, I haven’t seen any reviews on their stuff. Review sites also shared ratings and reviews on the site.

The site ranks poorly on Alexa and cannot be trusted. This creates a responsive website. Consumers can protect themselves from credit card fraud by reading this article.

The Final Summary

When we summarized this post in the reviews, we found that the store was listed six months ago and has a low trust score. Consumers could not trust the website because of its poor longevity. Please find this link for more information on the Griddle.

Want to share your thoughts on the credibility of Please comment your thoughts.

The steps to prevent PayPal fraud are explained here in this post.


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