Get a unique view of the Philippine cemetery experience like nowhere else. Learn more about the viral snake tomb scandal.

In the first week of November, a Pinay boy and girl were seen having fun in an adult video. The video went viral on Twitter, Reddit and other social networking sites like blogs and news sites around the world and people started paying attention. Want to watch video content?

Let’s check out his Scandal Viral Tomb review below.

Sad Funeral Video;

Two clips of the video were first shared on Twitter. Several Reddit groups have since followed by sharing links. On November 3, 2022, both videos were randomly posted on Twitter. They have been named part-1 and part-2 and have been tagged #severe viral hoax, #Sa Sementeryo scandal, #Sementeryo 2022 viral controversy and more.


We do not encourage accessing or viewing adult content through social media. This report contains information collected from various sources.

The first part is very well known and widely distributed. Part 2 was recently shared. The first episode shows a boy and a girl dressed as students. Both wore white tops and yellow pants with red shoulder pads.

Pinay Viral Scandal Tomb;

The girl was a Pinay from the Philippines. He was wearing a blue hat, blue ID and a blue patch around his neck. The boy was wearing a cross around his neck. The couple has been seen having verbal and romantic moments in the camp. In the background were two tombs, one set against the wall and the other covered with white tiles.

YouTube has also released clips from episode 1. The videos are less than a minute long and show the corpses of either a girl or a boy.

Part 2 presents the correlation of the three senses of bodily actions. In These two photos were taken on the same day in November 2022 in the same cemetery. One clip shows a boy in a black suit and a girl in a gray dress playing puns.

In the clip, she is seen lying on the ground in a graveyard dressed in black as a boy rages at her. The final scene shows the two in the distance. The girl in red took help from the wall and lifted her up. The man was wearing a white suit.

Only verified videos of 2022 are available on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit and other online platforms.

On November 3, 2022, both full videos were released on adult websites. They went down the next day while they were on the news. The police launched an investigation.

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The four clips show a man and a woman exercising in a camp. This suggests that the viral scandals were an illegal business operating in the SA graveyard. Three different clothes to wear at the same time on the same day. The video went viral because it depicted physical acts in the camps.

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