Vamainfotech com {June 2021} Read and learn facts! >> Here we are dealing with a site that claims to provide data entry steps, so read this article to find out the facts.

With the current global pandemic, can you recommend any online job that pays for things like data entry? There is a popular site that claims to offer hacking jobs in real life. Other companies like Vama Infotech Pvt. OOO you said. is an unregistered private company that guarantees monthly / daily salaries to its employees. So let’s examine Vamainfotech com and its impact on Indians.

From the company

The company was formerly known as Hyderabad Census Registered Service. The company says it uses digital technology and offers realistic data entry steps.

The company offers data entry jobs to its employees in any field, including students, veterans and homemakers. They also say they do not have specific career goals, which means everyone can work at any time and in their spare time. The projects will be registered with the government, the company said.

Vamainfotech sne sne

In order to attract employees, the Company offers several facilities, such as

They deliver registered public projects to their employees.
Employees can make monthly or weekly contributions.

No work is targeted according to company policy.

It offers telephone and email support 24/7 for all questions.
The company says it has projects until 2028, which means they are realistic and customer-friendly.
There is no work schedule so everyone can do this work in their spare time.
It has the office name 201, Sri Sai Darshan Residence, 7-1-408 A 413 Balkampet Rd., Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500016 Telangana-India.
The good and the evil

According to sources, Vamainfotech com has its advantages and disadvantages due to its strategies and customer relationships mentioned below.

The good stuff

They offer many deals, such as vacation work.
There is no targeted effort.
Simply pay policies weekly or daily.
An easy job because everyone can afford this job.
Proposals for legal long-term projects.


Deposit request.
They are unreliable because they go by different names.
Managers and agents do not answer phone calls and emails after registration.
Many representatives have limited knowledge of the company.

Consumer Perspective

Employees working for Vamainfotech com recently reported that they require a deposit in the first place. Next, you will be presented with several PDF files or images to be converted to Excel sheets. The company runs a census service that some users say is fraudulent because it was rigged during the Covid pandemic by not returning phone calls and emails.

So this page looks suspicious.


Knowing the company and how it works will help the company learn about scams. It also helps them distinguish between fraud and legitimate business. In this article from Vamainfotech com we will take a look at their service and how it works. See more information.


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