This usdtbbc scam post helps the readers to know about the validity and management of this website. Read and understand
Do you create games from unknown sources? Is this method harmful to the system? Naturally. Be careful, this will help you while buying diamonds or getting other benefits from such sites. USDTBC is one of them. This site is popular in places like Ghana and people want to know if there is any Usdtbbc scam. So, make sure your website is legit before making any purchases on these sites. This post contains all important information regarding this website.

Is this site a scam?

We will always inform our readers about the validity of this website. For readers and users, spend 5 minutes on this section.

Registration Date: This page was published on June 25, 2022. New domains have an expiration date of less than 1 month.
First Officer: “DYNADOT” LLC Registers USDTBC.
Expiry Date: The domain will expire on June 25, 2023 as per the details discovered in the Usdtbbc scandal.
User Reviews: There are two types of online reviews where users question the validity of the site. The rating was also 3/5.
Social Media: I don’t know if this site is on social media.


We all know that the number of players is increasing and they are using sites like USDTBC to get diamonds and other benefits. This field was created to give free diamonds to the players. But they claim it as legitimate. However, buying something without paying is considered a scam.

usdtbbc scam feature

The official URL of this page is
Email Address: Unknown
Reviews can be found on many sites online with two users expressing a lack of confidence in its validity.
Website details are not known as external users need to create a login and password to access the website.

positive moment

Offers free diamonds and other event freebies.

idle point

An account is required to access the official website.
You cannot access your contact information.

USDtbbc review

There are only a few reviews on the online review page. According to the USDTBBC, consumers want to know more about legality. The site has also rated this range with an average price of 3/5. Not even social media platform pages. This page is not trusted because we cannot access the official portal.


I wrote this post and shared all necessary information on this site. I recently launched a domain after a month. It has a very low confidence score. Therefore, we cannot recommend this site to our users. So remember that websites like websites can scam you.


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