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Would you like to upgrade your old TV? Did you know that a smart TV costs more than 500.00 euros? Do you pay more than 50.00 euros per month for a cable connection in the UK?

Did you know that new technology allows you to upgrade your old TV to glass? First, let’s take a look at TVSuperboost’s claims about a new device that connects your TV to the internet.


TVSuperboost™ was founded by a small, up-and-coming company and has multiple features. TVSuperboost can connect to your Wi-Fi router, dongle or home Wi-Fi device. Simultaneously connect to your phone, computer, Android, iOS or/or MACOS device.

The contents of your phone are displayed in high resolution on the TV. This means you can watch content from your phone to your TV, including YouTube, apps, and games. TVSuperboost is an advanced technology that allows you to add smart TV streaming capabilities to your existing TV.

See how TVSuperboost works.

The TVSuperboost is powered via the USB port.
Connect the USB cable to the TV and micro USB to the TVSuperboost.
Then connect the HDMI cable that can be used with most TVs made after 2003 to the HDMI port on the TV.
A flashing red light indicates that the device is active.
Then connect the TVSuperboost to your WiFi device (router, dongle or wireless WiFi device).
Then connect your smartphone to the same WiFi device.
Screencast is automatically activated and the device’s content is displayed on the TV screen.

Featured in the TV Super Boost review:

Buy TVSuperboost:
Starting price: € 100.00.
Discounted price: $49.00.
Decrease rate: 51%.
Accessories: TVSuperboost™
HDMI: Built-in HDMI cable.
Micro USB: Built-in.
Battery: optional.
Settings: On-screen settings for connecting to Wi-Fi.
Weight: 1 oz.


TVSuperboost adds screen mirroring capabilities to older TVs.
All content can be viewed on any platform on the web, saving you on cable bills.
This way you don’t have to buy a new smart TV to watch content on the internet.
TVSuperboost delivers crystal-clear HD content on your mobile screen.
The TV Superboost design is portable and can be connected to a variety of TVs.


TVSuperboost doesn’t support built-in camera, so you can’t turn your TV into a full smart TV.
TVSuperboost is not a standalone device. So you can sync your emails or get the latest information about the weather. can’t help
TVSuperboost is for device screen only.
TVSuperboost needs to reconnect to Wi-Fi every time it boots up.
HD output is affected by internet connection speed.

Is it effective and worth it?

TVSuperboost and its brands are scams listed in TVSuperboostReviews for the following reasons:

Brand information:

TVSuperboost™ is a new product on the market. is the official website that started on January 15, 2021 and ended on January 15, 2023. has a reliability score of over 1%.
The operating profit margin of is 58.5%. and are not available on social networks.

product information:

TVSuperboost was released on April 30, 2022.
TVSuperboost is only sold at and
TVSuperboost does not appear on social media sites (or) commercial sites.
TVSuperboost does not collect personal information unlike smart TV and cable operators.
According to TV Superboost reviews, TVSuperboost doesn’t require a month (or fee).


YouTube video review courtesy of has 3 good reviews. Therefore, these production surveys are unreliable.


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