Tupi South Cotabato This accident article describes a recent accident on a busy highway. Read on to find out if anyone has died.

Was the Cotabato calamity a significant occasion? Did the Cotabato occurrence bring about any passings? Since fresh insight about the calamity broke, there has been far reaching worry in the Philippines. They stress over their prosperity and whether they will all get by.

A truck overturned in South Cotabato in Tupi, hitting at least 14 vehicles on a busy highway. The truck hit two people and injured fourteen others. This blog post will provide more information about the Tupi South Cotabato event.

What happened in South Cotabato recently?

Students accounted for the majority of the dead in the South Cotabato disaster. They were all waiting to be picked up by the damaged private school truck when it crashed into them. Rolly Aquino, head of PDRRMO (Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office), South Cotabato, said the ten-wheeler was headed to this city from General Santos Coty.

I may have regained control of his brakes as he approached the slippery side of the busy highway.

Tupi South Cotabato Disaster:

South Cotabato is on Friday, September 23, 2022 at 06:00. When he lost control of his brakes, he spun through traffic and collided with cars in his path.

“Everyone is still trying to determine the number of dead and injured,” Aquino said in a news interview, referring to an account of the accident shared by social media users. All the victims of the Tupi South Cotabato disaster appear to be young.

Were students among the victims?

According to the authorities, the accident was caused by a truck that lost control and crashed into a minibus. This happened to students from SEAIT, South East Asian Institute of Technology Incorporated.

The truck lost control and hit several vehicles leaving the students for transport. The truck collided with several vehicles and caused the Tupi South Cotabato incident. Officials have not yet determined the total number of deaths and survivors. Two people died in the incident in South Cotabato.


According to China and the Philippine Red Cross, 14 vehicles were involved in the accident that happened on September 23, 2022. This included five motorcycles and three bicycles, as well as a yellow bus, three vans and three SUVs. The other car was the hybrid truck.

You can also check South Cotabato Event. Did you see the Tupi South Cotabato disaster? Please comment on the incident.


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