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Would you like to shop online at Have you checked the legality and other details? It can be dangerous to shop online on new websites. By doing a background check and learning all the details about the site, you can prevent these scams and save time and money.

Our platform provides you with up-to-date information on such online shopping sites and reviews of their legitimacy. Today we are going to explore this American website and read reviews of Tourniu.

What is is a newly opened webshop that sells a collection of products designed for every hobby, profession, sport and passion. The company’s main vision is to help you express yourself.

They claim to be a trusted and well-known baby product company that focuses on durability, comfort, safety and convenience. On the page you will find baby products, home accessories and other home accessories and offers.

The company claims that it caters to babies over 65, even if their website is less than a month old, as mentioned in the Ice Tourniu Legit section of its website.

Features at

If you plan to shop online at, we recommend that you read the following important features:

Age of this domain: This website was last registered by the owners on June 22, 2022 and is therefore only 23 days old.
Category: baby and household products.
Phone number: There is no contact number on the page.
Program: The company’s program does not appear anywhere on the page.
Company Address: We inform you in this article about Tourniu reviews that no warehouse or office addresses are listed on the website.

Social network icons are available: There are no social network profiles associated with the site; has social media links to share product pages.

Shipping and Shipping Policy: The company offers shipping to the United States and other countries around the world. Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours; Delivery time depends on the destination country. Normal shipping takes 10-12 days to USA.
Accepted Payment Methods: We inform you in this article about Tourniu Reviews that you can pay with PayPal and credit cards.
Cancellation Policy: Orders can be canceled before they are shipped or processed.
Return Policy: Customers can request a return within 14 days of receiving the product.
Refund Policy: Once a refund is received, the refund will be automatically processed using the original payment method.

Benefits of

Below you will find some great online shopping deals from this online store:

Free shipping on orders over $ 40
Safe and secure payment
Customer-friendly policy
Easy to use website

Disadvantages of

Below are some negative details about this online store:

limited supply
Minimum domain age and trust score
Is competition legal?
Market age: 23 days
Domain Expiration Date: June 22, 2023
Confidence score: 2%.
Reliability score: 0.7 / 100
Global Alexa Rank: # 2853971
Plagiarism: I found plagiarism in the customer policies listed on the site.
Customer Policy: All customer policies that the company follows are listed on this website.
Customer Review: We found a user review on
About us: Here the company claims to offer products for every sport, profession and hobby, but there are very few products on the site.
Email Validity: We were unable to verify the validity of the email.
Owner information: Not stated
Unrealistic option: This site offers up to 40% off products.
Presence on social networks: there are no profiles available on social networks.

Reviews Tournus |

As mentioned above, we found only one user review on The user stated that he believes this website is very fake, given the age of the end user and the lack of a contact number and address.

He added that on the website, the page kept flickering and he could not find any products in his online search. That’s why he said he wouldn’t risk buying any product online from There are no customer reviews or ratings for this site’s services or products. And learn how to protect yourself from online fraud with PayPal.

His final decision:

In this Tourniu discussion article, we saw that offers many benefits for online shopping, but it can be a scam site due to the lack of customer reviews.

The online store sells cards for children and other valuables. However, be careful when buying as this site is not trustworthy. Also, learn how to protect yourself from online credit card fraud.

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